Internet speed in Poland compared to the rest of the world – March 2022

In March, Poland fell in the Speedtest Global Index, despite an increase in both fixed and mobile internet speeds. Ookla also announced which of the operators operating in Poland can count on the fastest connection. mobile internet In March 2022, the average speed (average price) of mobile internet in the world 29.96 Mb / s … Read more

Internet speed test – How to check internet speed? – PC World

It is very easy to measure the speed of your internet connection. However, the correctness of such a measurement requires the application of a number of extremely important rules. UPDATED As mentioned earlier, the actual speed of landline internet in Poland is about 80% of the declared speed. For a more complete picture of our … Read more

According to, the Internet in Poland in the 4th quarter of 2021. Where was the fastest? (Ookla) presented mobile internet statistics for the fourth quarter of 2021 in Poland. The report shows which operator is the fastest and which equipment achieves the highest speed. The fastest mobile internet? In T-Mobile Service report As for the number of operators in the ranking of mobile internet speeds for the last quarter … Read more