The official internet quality control tool is available to all consumers

From December 1, Polish Internet users will be able to use the communication quality control mechanism certified by the Office of Electronic Communications. The measurement results may be the basis for making claims in the appeal process. A conference was held in Warsaw today Electronic Communications Departmentwas presented during PRO Speed ​​Test – Certified mechanism … Read more

SpeedTest: T-Mobile and Orange are above, Play and Plus are slower

SpeedTest Poland has published a monthly ranking of download speeds on landline and mobile networks. In the forefront of INEA and T-Mobile, and most importantly – the average data transfer rate has increased. For the first time, the mobile rating includes 5G tests rating It was created on the basis of 3.2 million tests, … Read more

In Poland, the Internet is accelerating. Here are the results of the SpeedTest study

Photo: Gerd Altmann, Pixabay – internet, digital Forty-two million tests conducted in Poland by users of the platform in 2021 show that this was a year of significant changes in Internet speed. The average download speed for both home and mobile Internet has increased by 42% compared to 2020. The previous year was also … Read more