What is the situation of Ukrainians in Glivice? Only circumstances create problems …

– When I came to class, I did not understand anything. Now I understand almost everything you say, but I still have trouble speaking, admits Svetlana. The beautiful Ukrainian is one of the students who wants to learn Polish for 6 weeks. They really want to work at Gliwice. They are very determined.6 weeks, 6 … Read more

Play combines forces with UPC. Free services for up to 2 years

UPC switched to Play, and they made a new, joint offer to Violet. Customers of both operators can take advantage of a special promotion and get a free subscription for up to 2 years. We reported in early April this year Play has completed the acquisition of UPC Polska. Less than two months later, it … Read more

Make dancing fun. Salake danced to advance to the World Cup in Spain. Dancers need financial support

One of the Gliwice festivals a few years ago. A breathless girl watching the exact movements of the Salake dancers on stage and in front of her. Irish music, steady steps, smooth jumps like a ruler, and straight, slender legs that cut the air dynamically. The girl is fascinated. She knows one thing, Salake wants … Read more

Play has redesigned the purple LTE range again. Which places?

Play is still working hard to make purple LTE and LTE Ultra available in the largest possible area of ​​our country. In March, the range of these technologies expanded to new cities. New cities are constantly appearing on the LTE Play network coverage map. By the end of March 2022, that was their number 2890 … Read more

The government wants to control the Internet. Experts threaten abuse

The government has been working for months on new legal regulations on freedom of expression on social media. The so-called Freedom Act has once again come under fire from industrial organizations. Developed by the so-called United Right government law on freedom of speech in social networks causes a lot of controversy. As a rule, new … Read more

March SpeedTest.pl rating: Mobile Internet is faster on newer smartphones

SpeedTest.pl has published the latest internet speed rating in Poland. T-Mobile has increased its advantage in the mobile category, and by the way, we have learned that smartphones with Android 11 perform the best, download speeds from the Internet are 50 times faster than devices with older software. Home internet In the category Home internet … Read more