Between words |

David Mametin “Oleanna”, director. Krzysztof Prus Teatr im. Lodzda Jaracz. Katarzyna Voytsiak-Vavrzinyak writes on the portal photo: Krzysztof Bieliński / mat. theater Oleanna, an American playwright and screenwriter, film and theater director, premiered a university-themed play in May 1992 at the Harvard Repertoire Theater in Cambridge, near Boston. It premiered in 1994 at the … Read more

The end of “Saturday Night Fever” in Muzyczny. Effective farewell. Culture

Saturday Night Fever left the poster after four years at the Musical Theater. Watch the material from the media rehearsal of the show. The life of a theater play is unshakable. The emotions that accompany the premiere and subsequent series of performances go unnoticed, and it’s time to say goodbye to a specially prepared performance … Read more

Poznan. We know the winners of the 33rd Children and Youth Theater Arts Competition

Below we present the decision of the jury of the 33rd Theater Arts Competition for Children and Youth organized by the Poznan Children’s Art Center. picture: mat. organizer Round 2 jury: Michał Buszewicz, Justyna Czarnota, Joanna Krakowska, Halina Waszkiel and Joanna gygowska decided to award the following prizes: Two equal first prizes in the amount … Read more

Fashion for success? – About the play “Lost Illusions” based on Balzac, director. Divadlo Na záb-dan Jan Mikulášek

One of the most important conversations Lost illusions Honorius Balzac seems to be the story of the novel’s protagonist, the twenty-one-year-old poet Lucian Chardon vel de Rubempré, and the cunning and corrupt journalist Stefan Lousteau, who defends the former. picture: mat. organizer Although Chardon was only in Paris for a few days, he was abandoned … Read more

Cats won Chorzów |

“Cats” by Andrew Lloyd Webber, director. Jakub Szydłowski at the Entertainment Theater in Chorzow. Magdalena Mikrut-Majeranek writes on the portal photo: Arthur Wacławek / material. theater Cats They seized the theater in Chorzow! On a moonlit night, under the cover of darkness, they secretly took to the local stage and will not leave it … Read more

Applebaum talks to Tusk Serwis Culture

May 9, 2022, at 7:00 p.m. author: Magdalena Raczek If you are looking for an interesting reading with a local accent, we invite you to read our Read Tricity series, which we recommend new editions from Tricity. photo: rasstock / In our Zaczytane Trójmiasto series, we recommend Tri-City new editions that recommend books in … Read more

House of Victims |

“Tom in the Country” by Michelle Mark Bushard, director. Wojtek Rodak TR in Warszawa. Castina Kozlovska writes on the portal Photo by Maurycy Stankiewicz Michelle Mark Bouchard, Canadian playwright, Tom is in the village wrote in French more than a decade ago. In 2013, a drama-based film by Javier Dolan (who also starred) was … Read more

Qdansk. Miniature outdoor performances in summer

During the summer holidays, the Miniature Theater does not play in its own building, but you can see its performances in different parts of Gdansk. Among other things, there will be special performances before the premiere of the new performances: “Pirates of Good Deeds” and “Direction: Earth”. picture: mat. theater As part of the Mobile … Read more