The cable is not an optical fiber

As shown by UKE’s “The Role of the Internet in Personal and Professional Life,” Internet users with fiber optics are usually more satisfied with their service provider and spend more time online. This is mainly due to the fact that optical links have many advantages over other technologies that offer network access. FTTH (Fiber To … Read more

Mobile internet will increase in Poland, but there will be no revolution in 5G B2C

The Polish analytical company PMR estimates the value of the mobile internet market in Poland in 2020 at 6.2 billion PLN. This means an annual increase of 7%. In turn, the CAGR (average annual growth) forecast for market value in 2021-2026 is 4.9%. The biggest profit potential of operators is in the segment of “data” … Read more

AVM AVMFRITZ! Box 4060 – three-band router with 12 antennas, WiFi 6 and DECT

AVMGerman network device manufacturer has introduced the latest three-band router with Wi-Fi 6, equipped with 12 internal antennas – AVMFRITZ! Box 4060. Three radio modules with a total capacity of 6 Gbit / s allow you to take full advantage of the latest smartphones and laptops connected to the network via WiFi 6. Besides AVMFRITZ! … Read more

Internet speeds up after holiday – September rating Presented the results of tests conducted in September 2021. In September, the Internet in Poland accelerated – the speed of downloading data via mobile Internet increased by 6.1% (39.9 Mb / s), and home Internet – by 9.2% (up to 95.3 Mb / s). The September rating is based on 3.6 million measurements (including … Read more

One way to reduce our Internet, mobile and TV payments

The sender National Bank of Poland The economic forecast report, based on surveys of economists and experts, forecasts inflation at 7.4% in 2022. Can we expect a price increase in the telecommunications market? Many experts believe so. Because operators will want to compensate for the increase in operating costs by increasing the cost of services … Read more

Everything about Polsat Plus Group’s mobile and landline networks

Polsat Plus Group provided detailed information on mobile and fixed line networks. In the field of radio and broadcasting, the Group cooperates with the Polish company Towerlink of the Cellnex Group. In July 2021, the contract for the sale of 99.99% of shares of subsidiary Polkomtel Infrastructure to Cellnex Group expired. The assets of the … Read more