UPC Play co-offers streaming service advertising campaign promotion Jean Marc Harion

P4, the operator of the mobile network Play, owned by the French Iliad Group, in September last year. Signed a 100 percent purchase agreement with Liberty Global. Shares of UPC Polska cable network 7 billion PLN. The purchase was completed in early April. Since July 2018, Jean-Marc Harion, General Manager and President of the Board … Read more

List of Vectra channels, how to order erotic channels, see what numbers

Hundreds of channels can be viewed through the digital set-top boxes of the Vectra cable operator. How many are there? Here is the complete list. Vectra network decoders – channel list 100 VECTRA INFORMATION101 TVP 1 HD102 TVP 2 HD103 TVP INFO HD104 TVN HD105 TVN 7 HD106 POLSAT HD107 COMEDY CENTRAL HD108 INTRODUCTION CHANNEL … Read more

How to get compensation for price increase for UPC Polska internet

– We are talking about increasing the Internet subscription applied by the operator since December 2014. The court agreed with the president of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection that this is illegal and violates the interests of collective consumers, it was reported on Twitter. Profile of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection. … Read more