Toyota. Do you know where to buy your car? What were the different dealer networks for?

Of course, we are talking about Japan. We would not have such madness. Although, for example, AMG is available not only in Mercedes showrooms, for example, in the Gdansk AMG office. Similarly, BMW now has special showrooms for the M sub-brand, but Toyota has taken it to a completely different level historically. Toyota began to … Read more

Youth team for a medal! –

We have another medal we won in the Polish championship. The Polish youth team and individual table tennis championship among youth was held on May 26-27, 22 in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki. All the players of Jastrzebie played very well in them: Julia Bartoszek, Angelika Canik and Agata Paszek. One can only envy the girls who … Read more

What is the situation of Ukrainians in Glivice? Only circumstances create problems …

– When I came to class, I did not understand anything. Now I understand almost everything you say, but I still have trouble speaking, admits Svetlana. The beautiful Ukrainian is one of the students who wants to learn Polish for 6 weeks. They really want to work at Gliwice. They are very determined.6 weeks, 6 … Read more

UPC Play co-offers streaming service advertising campaign promotion Jean Marc Harion

P4, the operator of the mobile network Play, owned by the French Iliad Group, in September last year. Signed a 100 percent purchase agreement with Liberty Global. Shares of UPC Polska cable network 7 billion PLN. The purchase was completed in early April. Since July 2018, Jean-Marc Harion, General Manager and President of the Board … Read more

Apache’s heart. Let’s try to untie a few ropes

Alexandra Zinczuk Let’s try to untie a few ropes. Get a work of art from the crushed fabric: a shirt, embroidery and the story of a dark-haired girl who recently returned to Poland from the Donetsk forests in patterned flowers and linen shirts. They traveled hundreds of miles with him in a wooden box … … Read more

Between us next door. We were closer in the pandemic, but the controversy has been flourishing since the spring

Małgorzata Oberlan Controversy subsided during the pandemic. The 2022 text means that neighborhood disputes will flourish again. As all public life melted, so did neighborly relations. What are we arguing about now? The list is really long: children, dogs, cats, cigarettes on the balcony, garbage, sizes, parking, sounds … Tastes of Kujawy and Pomerania – … Read more

Make dancing fun. Salake danced to advance to the World Cup in Spain. Dancers need financial support

One of the Gliwice festivals a few years ago. A breathless girl watching the exact movements of the Salake dancers on stage and in front of her. Irish music, steady steps, smooth jumps like a ruler, and straight, slender legs that cut the air dynamically. The girl is fascinated. She knows one thing, Salake wants … Read more

9 most important questions you should ask yourself before taking a dog out of a shelter

When adopting a dog from a shelter, we are almost faced with a pre-adoption survey and perhaps socialization visits. However, this is the next step after you know 100% that adopting a dog is a good decision. How can this be verified? You need to ask yourself a few questions at home. Let’s see what … Read more

Poles like to settle online. Almost 20 million electronic declarations – Economy

The taxpayer has the right to submit an amendment to the PIT within five years after submitting the incorrectly filled tax return to the tax authority.Photo: Bison 101 / Shutterstock It should be borne in mind that there is an exception in the PIT that prevents the submission of an amendment, ie it will not … Read more

Be prepared for magic, sorcery and torture as you cross the Darłowo walls

Wojciech Kulig The castle in Darlovo is guarded by a mummified cat. He keeps a book with magic formulas and a dark torture chamber. We invite you to an exciting journey. We start our journey around the Pomeranian Dukes in Darlowo through the door. Director Karol Matusiak shows us around. The body of the guardian … Read more