Hotspot from a phone or a private router – the main advantages and disadvantages – Computerworld

Stationary work returns. We go on business trips with him again, go to press conferences and visit clients. The mobility of today’s employees is high, but internet access is required to work. A personal hotspot from your phone, a modem built into your laptop, or a dedicated Wi-Fi router? We present the pros and cons … Read more

From traditional journalism to YouTube. Journalist stars on the Internet | Sports, internet, media, journalist, star, youtube

We are increasingly witnessing the emergence of new channels on social media, especially YouTube, where the role of commentators on public life has so far been played only by well-known publicists or journalists from the press or television. Through a more free and accessible platform, they share their views on the world in which they … Read more

Plus and Plush My Mobile Ranking with great promotions in May

In the May ranking of My mobile RANKING, it is said that Plus and Plush mobile networks have improved from the sixteenth to the fourth place. On the other side of the barricade, operator Orange is the biggest loser. Orange the player fell to the twelfth position away from the fourth position. After all, this … Read more

Plus it gives you 1500 GB free 100 GB per year, not just for a month

It happened. Plush prepaid Plus mobile network also offers 100 GB free every month and 1500 GB per year. In addition, we have no time restrictions on the use of data. As a result, we have GB of data for years if only someone is allowed to use it mobile internet on the phone. There … Read more

Play enters my mobile RANKING podium in April

After months of drought, something has finally changed on the Play mobile network. The result is the purple operator’s rise to third place on the long-awaited mobile RANKING podium. Of course, the giants in the form of T-Mobile and A2Mobile are at the top two-digit 11 points. On the other hand, Play also has a … Read more

Wi-Fi 7 – the upcoming standard – a collection of knowledge about Computerworld

Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E have not yet gained the desired popularity, but IEEE is already working on the standard Wi-Fi 7. What news will the next generation wireless network? Wi-Fi is short for words Wireless Loyalty. describes set of standardsis used for setting up wireless computer networks. Wi-Fi remains a trademark Wi-Fi Alliance – … Read more

Orange was not nominated in March. RANKING MY MOBILE

The orange mobile network was not promoted in the March issue of My mobile RANKING magazine after the presentation of a highly attractive Unlimited package for 90 PLN for three months. It still remains in third place as a result of extremely strong competition In the list of the best prepaid operators, although the appetite … Read more

Play 100 GB per month and 1200 GB per year for free

Play’s mobile network has dropped a real bomb. This is the only way to understand the addition of a PLN 35 (40 GB with Unlimited calls / messages) and a Solo XL card for PLN 40 (50 GB and Unlimited) for Solo XXL Next with a 5G connection enriched with a security funnel. Another free … Read more