Poles like to settle online. Almost 20 million electronic declarations – Economy

The taxpayer has the right to submit an amendment to the PIT within five years after submitting the incorrectly filled tax return to the tax authority.Photo: Bison 101 / Shutterstock It should be borne in mind that there is an exception in the PIT that prevents the submission of an amendment, ie it will not … Read more

Be prepared for magic, sorcery and torture as you cross the Darłowo walls

Wojciech Kulig The castle in Darlovo is guarded by a mummified cat. He keeps a book with magic formulas and a dark torture chamber. We invite you to an exciting journey. We start our journey around the Pomeranian Dukes in Darlowo through the door. Director Karol Matusiak shows us around. The body of the guardian … Read more

Will Tusk drive out fat cats from Kraśnik?

An unusual appeal was made during Donald Tusk’s visit to Lublin last week. Konrad Yaroslav Abramek, an activist of the party, spoke at the meeting with the PO leader. Marshall always prevails – It is said in Krasnik that whoever does not start, Yaroslav Staviarsky wins (Marshal of the Voivodeship from Krasnik from PiS – … Read more

Takes care of dogs and chews – what to choose and what to avoid

Dog food – why it is so important to include them in your diet There are many benefits to feeding your dog. This is not just a delicious snack that every dog ​​loves. He tells the owner to raise a pet, build relationships, and so on. can help dishes – a delicious addition to the … Read more

Cats plus coffee – it’s a good way to do business! What is the phenomenon of cat cafes?

Małgorzata Oberlan The last storm around the Neko cafe in Torun did not cause any damage here. He has just opened a branch in the old city! The introduction of the age limit has caused controversy: now only children over the age of 10 enter the cat cafe. The reason for this was that some … Read more

What is the value? Ekipa Holding debuts in the stock exchange BBI

The main shareholder of Beskidzkie Biuro Inwestycyjny is JR Holding Fund, which has been advising Ekipa Holding on its stock market debut for more than a year (it owns 33.68% of the capital and votes at the general meeting). – Our cooperation with the crew is going well. The accepted assessment is confirmed to be … Read more

How to order gas online? – Oriental magazine

LPG supplier – how to choose? How to order LPG online? Gas Supplier – Why is it worth using Gas for you? Want to order gas online? Visit the first Polish online gas order portal in the country! You can find more information about this portal in today’s article. We invite you to read the … Read more

1. Marcin Gortat School, Gdansk University of Technology, 5. GTK Gdynia

Basketball players of the Marcin Gortat School of Gdansk University of Technology became the Polish champions in the U-17 football team. Photo by PZKosz Gortat School of Gdansk Technological University won a gold medal at the Polish U-17 basketball championship held in the hall of the 17th secondary school in Guinea. The leader of this … Read more

The Russian Mere network has more and more problems in Poland. Boycott, problems with suppliers – Economy

Immediately after Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, gas imports from Russia to the EU increased by 40%. – Polish Institute of Economics reports.Photo: shutterstock / 63ru78 “Despite the sanctions, the revenue from the sale of large amounts of raw materials and the lack of full control over the flow of Russian capital means that the current … Read more

“Louis Wayne’s Crazy World.” Benedict Cumberbatch played eccentric cat lover – History

Pablo Picasso and Françoise Guillot in C6te d’Azur in 1946Photo: Forum / Michel Sima / Rue des Archives French artist Françoise Guillot turns 100 on November 26. The long-lived artist is known as the author of watercolors and ceramics, but he gained world fame thanks to his tumultuous relationship with Pablo Picasso. This episode cast … Read more