They attacked the police and bit the doctors. This is the story of psychotic twins

Ursula and Sabina Eriksson are twin sisters diagnosed with a very rare disease – general delusional disorder. The disease first spread to Ursula, and then to her sister as a result of very close contact The girls have been behaving strangely for a long time. At first, they crossed a busy highway. After being beaten … Read more

He was not admitted to the ward after the suicide attempt. Hospital: “There was no need”

The woman described on social media that she came to the emergency room of the Psychiatric Hospital. mat. instagram – I do not feel audible and do not feel safe, I am completely ignored – writes a woman who came to the emergency room of the Regional Psychiatric Hospital in Gdansk after a suicide attempt. … Read more

Therapy and mental disorders. The role of animals in therapy – Zdrowie Wprost

A Philadelphia Children’s Hospital patient ( who practices therapeutic dog visits in the area says of contact with a therapeutic dog: “On the one hand, you may feel terrible, but the dog will appear and on the other hand You will begin to feel happy. Then happiness will prevail over sorrow. ” At the facility, … Read more