Between us next door. We were closer in the pandemic, but the controversy has been flourishing since the spring

Małgorzata Oberlan Controversy subsided during the pandemic. The 2022 text means that neighborhood disputes will flourish again. As all public life melted, so did neighborly relations. What are we arguing about now? The list is really long: children, dogs, cats, cigarettes on the balcony, garbage, sizes, parking, sounds … Tastes of Kujawy and Pomerania – … Read more

Be prepared for magic, sorcery and torture as you cross the Darłowo walls

Wojciech Kulig The castle in Darlovo is guarded by a mummified cat. He keeps a book with magic formulas and a dark torture chamber. We invite you to an exciting journey. We start our journey around the Pomeranian Dukes in Darlowo through the door. Director Karol Matusiak shows us around. The body of the guardian … Read more

Cats plus coffee – it’s a good way to do business! What is the phenomenon of cat cafes?

Małgorzata Oberlan The last storm around the Neko cafe in Torun did not cause any damage here. He has just opened a branch in the old city! The introduction of the age limit has caused controversy: now only children over the age of 10 enter the cat cafe. The reason for this was that some … Read more