A little shock. Play the speed leader

Who offered the fastest mobile or home Internet in May? The latest SpeedTest.pl rating may surprise you. Play and Plus no longer block the back in the mobile classification, while UPC and Inea were ahead of the red in the list of fixed lines. For many months, the internet speed ratings in Poland provided by … Read more

February SpeedTest.pl rating: a few percent increase in speed on fixed and mobile lines

The first months of 2021 accelerated the speed of the Internet in Poland. Last month (February), data downloads by users accelerated by several percent, reaching an average of 75 Mb / s for fixed connections and 34.6 Mb / s for mobile connections. Home internet The leader among fixed line internet providers has changed somewhat. … Read more

Internet speed in Poland compared to the rest of the world – March 2022

In March, Poland fell in the Speedtest Global Index, despite an increase in both fixed and mobile internet speeds. Ookla also announced which of the operators operating in Poland can count on the fastest connection. mobile internet In March 2022, the average speed (average price) of mobile internet in the world 29.96 Mb / s … Read more

Internet speed test – How to check internet speed? – PC World

It is very easy to measure the speed of your internet connection. However, the correctness of such a measurement requires the application of a number of extremely important rules. UPDATED As mentioned earlier, the actual speed of landline internet in Poland is about 80% of the declared speed. For a more complete picture of our … Read more

The official internet quality control tool is available to all consumers

From December 1, Polish Internet users will be able to use the communication quality control mechanism certified by the Office of Electronic Communications. The measurement results may be the basis for making claims in the appeal process. A conference was held in Warsaw today Electronic Communications Departmentwas presented during PRO Speed ​​Test – Certified mechanism … Read more

October speed test rating: orange above, but slightly slower

Restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic in October reduced the average data download speed on mobile networks. Orange ranks first in mobile and LTE rankings. There has been no change in the leader’s position in the overall ranking of Inea in Greater Poland. General ranking October introduced new restrictions on the coronavirus pandemic, but did … Read more

August Speedtest.pl rating – Internet in Poland is slowly accelerating and the leaders are still the same

Speedtest.pl showed the latest information on the speed of the Internet in Poland. You can see slight increases in fixed and mobile lines, and the leaders are still the same – Inea in the home Internet rating, and T-Mobile in the mobile Internet rating. In contrast, the fastest optical fibers are orange. Service SpeedTest.pl prepared … Read more

March SpeedTest.pl rating: Mobile Internet is faster on newer smartphones

SpeedTest.pl has published the latest internet speed rating in Poland. T-Mobile has increased its advantage in the mobile category, and by the way, we have learned that smartphones with Android 11 perform the best, download speeds from the Internet are 50 times faster than devices with older software. Home internet In the category Home internet … Read more

May SpeedTest.pl rating: Inea and T-Mobile are the leaders

Inea has the fastest landline internet and T-Mobile has the fastest mobile internet. This is the result of the May Internet speed rating in Poland, prepared by SpeedTest.pl. May site rating SpeedTest.pl stood up Based on 3.4 million measurements. That’s 849 thousand. The tests were performed through a mobile application. Home internet Mayda Inea It … Read more

July Speedtest.pl rating – Inea and T-Mobile are again the fastest

You can see the July internet speed rating in Poland on Speedtest.pl. There is no change in the foreground – the leaders in their categories are still Inea and T-Mobile. July website ranking SpeedTest.pl stood up Based on 3.2 million measurements, of which 791 min. developed in mobile applications. Home internet July is another month … Read more