For Krzysztof Antkowiak, faith is a daily affair

Paweł Gzyl When he was the “prodigy” of the Polish song, everyone loved him. Then it was quickly forgotten. Therefore, he became addicted. Only faith helped him. We all remember his “Forbidden Fruit”, which delighted the audience at the 1988 Opole Festival. For some, he has always been a “prodigy.” And he has grown up … Read more

Trials and tragedies of the Krakow gang during the difficult moments of the pandemic

Arthur Drozdzak A group of pimps from Krakow not only avoided law enforcement, but also found their place in the sex business market during the pandemic. Now the director and his subordinates are explaining this in the Krakow court. Investigators have found that during the pandemic in Krakow there were two gangs of rivals competing … Read more

The ideal candidate for the head of the family was the stepdaughter’s rapist

Arthur Drozdzak This was not an easy choice. However, Dorothy D. finally accused her stepfather of rape, which lasted for several years, and decided to protect her partner, who had six children, not her daughter from her first relationship. Such issues are rare. The assailant usually believes that the intimidated victim will not say a … Read more

A giant ostrich. Famous animal runs. The desire for freedom is strong in animals

Arthur Drozdzak Exciting news from Wroclaw spread throughout the media in Poland: a crocodile fleeing from private livestock was caught. But there were more such exotic escapees. Here are some examples. The ostrich that escaped from Szczecin The ostrich is finally caught! Now the search for its owner continues, according to media reports in the … Read more