SpeedTest: T-Mobile and Orange are above, Play and Plus are slower

SpeedTest Poland has published a monthly ranking of download speeds on landline and mobile networks. In the forefront of INEA and T-Mobile, and most importantly – the average data transfer rate has increased. For the first time, the mobile rating includes 5G tests SpeedTest.pl rating It was created on the basis of 3.2 million tests, … Read more

October speed test rating: orange above, but slightly slower

Restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic in October reduced the average data download speed on mobile networks. Orange ranks first in mobile and LTE rankings. There has been no change in the leader’s position in the overall ranking of Inea in Greater Poland. General ranking October introduced new restrictions on the coronavirus pandemic, but did … Read more

August Speedtest.pl rating – Internet in Poland is slowly accelerating and the leaders are still the same

Speedtest.pl showed the latest information on the speed of the Internet in Poland. You can see slight increases in fixed and mobile lines, and the leaders are still the same – Inea in the home Internet rating, and T-Mobile in the mobile Internet rating. In contrast, the fastest optical fibers are orange. Service SpeedTest.pl prepared … Read more

May SpeedTest.pl rating: Inea and T-Mobile are the leaders

Inea has the fastest landline internet and T-Mobile has the fastest mobile internet. This is the result of the May Internet speed rating in Poland, prepared by SpeedTest.pl. May site rating SpeedTest.pl stood up Based on 3.4 million measurements. That’s 849 thousand. The tests were performed through a mobile application. Home internet Mayda Inea It … Read more

July Speedtest.pl rating – Inea and T-Mobile are again the fastest

You can see the July internet speed rating in Poland on Speedtest.pl. There is no change in the foreground – the leaders in their categories are still Inea and T-Mobile. July website ranking SpeedTest.pl stood up Based on 3.2 million measurements, of which 791 min. developed in mobile applications. Home internet July is another month … Read more

Speedtest.pl announces who has the fastest internet in October

In October, T-Mobile offered the fastest mobile internet, while Inea was the leader in home internet speeds. The fastest fiber optic FTTH lines were in Orange. Service Speedtest.pl It has prepared the next monthly rating of mobile internet speed in Poland. There are no surprises in terms of order in the latest version of the … Read more

SpeedTest.pl announced in November which operator has the fastest internet

There are some changes in the November SpeedTest.pl rankings, but there are no big surprises. T-Mobile took the first place on the mobile podium, and the UPC operator rose to the highest position in the ranking of home Internet. In November 2021 users of all SpeedTest.pl applications 3.8 million measurementsincluding 846 min. in mobile applications. … Read more

RFBenchmark shows 5G quality in Szczecin and Poznan

Notel Poland conducted 5G network tests in Szczecin and Poznan (so-called Stationary Test). They show the state of application of the latest mobile phone technologies in these cities. How was the test conducted? Quality tests 5G Stationary Test was performed using smartphones Xiaomi Mi 11Operating on all 5G networks in Poland. These devices also allow … Read more

According to speedtest.net, the Internet in Poland in the 4th quarter of 2021. Where was the fastest?

Speedtest.net (Ookla) presented mobile internet statistics for the fourth quarter of 2021 in Poland. The report shows which operator is the fastest and which equipment achieves the highest speed. The fastest mobile internet? In T-Mobile Service report Speedtest.net As for the number of operators in the ranking of mobile internet speeds for the last quarter … Read more

Who had the fastest internet in January? SpeedTest.pl already knows this

SpeedTest.pl presented the January ranking of internet speed in Poland in January 2022. There are no surprises on the podium, and the only change is the Orange, which surpasses Netia in the ranking of Internet providers for FTTH technology. January ended a few days ago, so it’s time for monthly data on how fast Internet … Read more