A little shock. Play the speed leader

Who offered the fastest mobile or home Internet in May? The latest SpeedTest.pl rating may surprise you. Play and Plus no longer block the back in the mobile classification, while UPC and Inea were ahead of the red in the list of fixed lines. For many months, the internet speed ratings in Poland provided by … Read more

Poland 5G compared to the rest of the region. is bad

Poland has the slowest 5G in Central and Eastern Europe. In this regard, if we compare ourselves with the leader Bulgaria, we are very bad. 5G in Central and Eastern Europe Ookla (manages speedtest.net) took a look Development of 5G network in eight countries of Central and Eastern Europeincluding In Poland. According to GSM Intelligence, … Read more

The game approaches the magic frontier. Launched new LTE stations

Play is getting closer to creating 10,000 base stations. In April, some of them were available again, and LTE and LTE Ultra services covered new cities. At the end of last year, Play began to expand its network so intensively that the operator seemed to be proud of it 10,000 own base station. However, this … Read more

Polsat Plus Group: Results of the first quarter of 2022. 5G stops, but Clean Energy is increasing

Polsat Plus Group has announced the latest operational and financial results for the first quarter of 2022. Although the number of customers is not growing so fast, even if it decreases in some segments, the indicators are growing. The group is dynamically developing the third segment of its activities related to clean energy production. In … Read more

SpeedTest.pl announced in April who has the fastest internet in Poland

Who offered the fastest internet connections in Poland in April? The latest rating of SpeedTest.pl answers this question. In April 2022, users of the SpeedTest.pl website did just that 3.2 million measurementsincluding 843 thousand in mobile applications. Based on them, a rating was compiled last month showing who offers the fastest fixed or mobile internet … Read more

February SpeedTest.pl rating: a few percent increase in speed on fixed and mobile lines

The first months of 2021 accelerated the speed of the Internet in Poland. Last month (February), data downloads by users accelerated by several percent, reaching an average of 75 Mb / s for fixed connections and 34.6 Mb / s for mobile connections. Home internet The leader among fixed line internet providers has changed somewhat. … Read more

Internet speed in Poland compared to the rest of the world – March 2022

In March, Poland fell in the Speedtest Global Index, despite an increase in both fixed and mobile internet speeds. Ookla also announced which of the operators operating in Poland can count on the fastest connection. mobile internet In March 2022, the average speed (average price) of mobile internet in the world 29.96 Mb / s … Read more

Speed ​​test report: Mobile internet slows down twice in tourist destinations during summer vacation

Holidays in tourist areas mean an increase in traffic on the roads, as well as more use of mobile network resources. According to the analysis, in 2019, this led to a reduction in mobile internet speeds in those areas by half or more. Website analysis Speedtest.pl During the period, it was based on the results … Read more

March speed test results: almost all operators are slowing down

March has passed and we can now see how the current situation affects the results of the internet speed rating in Poland, published monthly by Speedtest.pl. Slowing down, but not too big for all of them. General ranking The leaders in the overall ranking have not changed in the last month. It is still so … Read more

July Speed ​​Test Rating: Internet speeds up in Poland and falls at the end of Play LTE tariffs

Speedtest.pl has published the latest July internet speed rating in Poland. Most providers noted growth, and leaders still remained unchanged – Inea and Orange. The change took place in the last place in the LTE rating. General ranking July 2020 brought further increases in the average speed of fixed and mobile internet in Poland, or … Read more