A little shock. Play the speed leader

Who offered the fastest mobile or home Internet in May? The latest SpeedTest.pl rating may surprise you. Play and Plus no longer block the back in the mobile classification, while UPC and Inea were ahead of the red in the list of fixed lines. For many months, the internet speed ratings in Poland provided by … Read more

SpeedTest.pl announced in April who has the fastest internet in Poland

Who offered the fastest internet connections in Poland in April? The latest rating of SpeedTest.pl answers this question. In April 2022, users of the SpeedTest.pl website did just that 3.2 million measurementsincluding 843 thousand in mobile applications. Based on them, a rating was compiled last month showing who offers the fastest fixed or mobile internet … Read more

Who had the fastest internet in January? SpeedTest.pl already knows this

SpeedTest.pl presented the January ranking of internet speed in Poland in January 2022. There are no surprises on the podium, and the only change is the Orange, which surpasses Netia in the ranking of Internet providers for FTTH technology. January ended a few days ago, so it’s time for monthly data on how fast Internet … Read more

Who has the fastest internet in Poland? SpeedTest.pl claims that UPC and T-Mobile

SpeedTest.pl has published an internet speed rating for Poland for February 2022. Leading, no surprises. Created based on the latest rankings of the SpeedTest.pl website 3.8 million tests Developed in February 2022. In this issue 897 min. The measurements were made in a mobile application. The same operators remained in the lead every month. Look: … Read more