Warsaw’s power grid was scanned by helicopter

Stoen Operator has partnered with Vimap to create a 3D model of high-voltage overhead lines. It is designed to help track hard-to-reach areas and contribute to increasing energy supply sustainability. The Warsaw Operator of the Electricity Distribution Network – Stoen Operator is implementing a project to create a 3D model of a high-voltage line. He … Read more

Network operators want the right to refuse to connect micro-installations

There are currently more than one million photovoltaic microwaves in Poland with a total capacity of more than 7.3 GW. PTPiREE, which represents the network operators to which the micro-installations are connected, believes that increasing the number of micro-installations and increasing their unit capacity can cause problems. The organization even demands that network operators be … Read more

Refusal to provide connection conditions for PV devices

Without the modernization of the power grid, distribution system operators will increasingly refuse to provide conditions for the connection of devices to the network. How big is the scale of this phenomenon? And how to fix it? © zhengzaishanchu In 2019-2020 alone, the local branches of the Energy Regulatory Authority (ERO) received a total of … Read more

Łukasiewicz Research Network is working on technological preparation for marine wind energy

Łukasiewicz Research Network has conducted research and development activities related to marine wind energy. What is he working on and what is the potential of marine wind energy – Dr. Eng. Krzysztof Tomczuk, prof. IEL. dr hab. Eng. Krzysztof Tomczuk, prof. IELHead of the Renewable Energy Sources and Lighting (GSO) Research Group at Lukasiewicz-IEL In … Read more