Dogs were sent to Uvalde to help residents recover from the trauma after the massacre

Photo PAP / EPA / MOHAMMED SABER Wet noses, kind gestures, understanding glances, and a willingness to fully accept every confession – these are the things that trauma victims after the recent shooting of Uvalde residents should offer to psychotherapists sent by dog ​​therapy organizations in Texas and other US states. . After the shooting … Read more

Dog training and dog sports for everyone

Basic obedience in a dog is useful not only for possible canine sports, but also for everyday life. photo: Joanna Karjalainen / Small and large, pure and non-purebred – all dogs want to understand and understand their owners. Life becomes easier when we know how to communicate with our pets. We are reviewing dog … Read more

Border dogs. What is the service of four-legged Border Guard officers?

Border Patrol on the Polish-Belarusian border near Terespol, photo: PAP / Wojtek Jargiło Dogs are constantly queuing at the border checkpoint in Terespol, as well as on the green border along the Bug River. It’s a wild river, the terrain is unpredictable, the situation is different, and we need to be vigilant at all times … Read more

Not just tests. People infected with the coronavirus … are also found by dogs

Rapid screening methods are important to prevent a pandemic. Properly trained dogs can detect COVID-19 in seconds Dog odor will be especially helpful in asymptomatic cases. The virus itself does not smell, but the infected person emits a characteristic odor Specially trained dogs are looking for people infected with the coronavirus at a Metallica concert … Read more

Dog migrants. Talk about how Poles adopted animals from Ukraine

Russia’s intervention in Ukraine has been going on for almost two months. During this time, millions of Ukrainians fled their homes. However, the fate of the refugees also fell on many animals. Belsat spoke to a Polish woman who received a dog that had been evacuated from bombed Kiev. Animals are also victims of this … Read more

Not only birds but also dogs fly. The Dogfrisbee 2021 competition continues in Kolibki

High flights, competition, talented dog athletes and their owners from all over Poland and, above all, a lot of fun and a family atmosphere. The “Flying Dogs” competition is held over the weekend in Kolibki Park in Gdynia. Admission to the event is free. Dog training in Tri-City The first weekend of October Kolibki Park … Read more

Experts confirm negligence at the animal shelter in Bystry near Giżycko

Veterinary, veterinary and animal welfare experts’ opinions confirmed the previous results of the investigation in case of negligence at the Animal Shelter in Bystry near Giżycko. The analysis of secure documents continues. – In the process of violations in the activities of the Animal Shelter in the city of Bystry, a number of witnesses with … Read more

Dogs and cats on Tinder dating site | Life in Germany. Society, lifestyle, interesting facts | DW

“I’m not a one-night stand.” For many Parisians who are portrayed in the Tinder dating app, this must be love at first sight. And this description in his Paris profile: “a smart, loyal and faithful car enthusiast who lived in Greece for a while.” If this is still unclear, it will be clear at the … Read more

Warmińsko-Mazurskie: He brutally killed two dogs, a pregnant locust, and fled

In the Bartoszyce Forest Zone, between Bartnikow (Kiwity commune) and Polkajmy (Jeziorany commune), drunken hunters shot two dogs and a pregnant jungle. The incident took place on the territory of the Wrzos Hunting Society in Lidzbark Warminski. “I wasn’t there, the son went with the dogs,” says the owner of the slain dogs. – Scooby-doo … Read more