9th Anniversary: ​​Amazing View of the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

photo: began with the development of a trading platform that provides users with secure trading. Currently, the exchange offers more than 1,400 cryptocurrencies. The number of users in the world has exceeded 10 million. Daily trade exceeds $ 10 billion. The door. io also offers rich commercial products and services. With the development … Read more’s best global trading platform is officially rebranding

photo: cryptocurrency exchange celebrates its 9th anniversary. In this regard, it decided to disclose the details of the rebranding of the brand. reveals the details of the new brand identity, including a logo, color scheme and slogan, reflecting 9 years of progress in digital asset innovation. This is a sign for … Read more

How did become one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges?

photo: was founded in 2013. It is currently one of the world’s longest-running cryptocurrency exchanges. It offers trading services for more than 1,400 digital assets and has more than 10 million users. In this article, we will explore the secrets of’s success, including security, an in-depth knowledge of the cryptocurrency market, building … Read more

Generation Z drives the crypto business and the popularity of NFT

Image Thesis / Unsplash Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Copy the link send email The gains promised by cryptocurrencies are an attraction for young people who want to quickly become professional investors and are willing to take risks. The volatility and volatility of the cryptocurrency market is a factor that plays a so-called magnetic role. Generation Z … Read more

History of cybercrime: the era of modern ransomware –

The second decade of the new millennium began with the growing popularity of ransomware and the use of cryptocurrencies to pay the ransom. In 2017, the world was shaken by WannaCry and Petya / NonPetya attacks, which paralyzed many companies and organizations. Fortinet experts present the fourth and final part of the history of cybercrime. … Read more

How to trade with NFT? Step by step

How to trade with NFT? Step by step For all those who want to enter the exciting world of NFTs, we have prepared a special guide that details all the stages of the process of trading Non-Fungible Tokens on the most popular shopping platform – OpenSea. Currency – Ethereum Trading in OpenSea is based on … Read more

Metaverse and unchangeable NFT tokens, from the niche industry to powerful multi-billion dollar businesses

photo: Last year was marked by the growing popularity of cryptocurrency-based games. One of the biggest innovations was the non-exchangeable tokens (NFT). In an article on the Cointelegraph portal, Anirudh Tiwari highlighted the dynamic changes that have taken place in this market over the past year. New life of cryptocurrencies Last year was a … Read more

Cryptocurrencies, blockchain, NFT – what are they connected with?

Many people have vague ideas about cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Ethenerum or Dodgecoin – in simple terms, they can be called virtual money, which stores information about the status of ownership in the contract units. Today, almost no one uses them for the function of payment, or rather treats them as a financial instrument. However, the first … Read more