Not just tests. People infected with the coronavirus … are also found by dogs

Rapid screening methods are important to prevent a pandemic. Properly trained dogs can detect COVID-19 in seconds Dog odor will be especially helpful in asymptomatic cases. The virus itself does not smell, but the infected person emits a characteristic odor Specially trained dogs are looking for people infected with the coronavirus at a Metallica concert … Read more

He was not admitted to the ward after the suicide attempt. Hospital: “There was no need”

The woman described on social media that she came to the emergency room of the Psychiatric Hospital. mat. instagram – I do not feel audible and do not feel safe, I am completely ignored – writes a woman who came to the emergency room of the Regional Psychiatric Hospital in Gdansk after a suicide attempt. … Read more

New public transport network. See what will change on May 1 – Dziennik Policki |

A new bus network will be launched in Dobra on May 1. This is the result of residents’ appeals and public consultations conducted by the Dobra Commune Office. Each line will be connected to Szczecin’s tram lines at one of the transfer points: Deep (lines 221 and 227), Krzekowo (lines 222, 225 and 227), Wernyhory … Read more

Can dogs and cats catch the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus?

What is coronavirus and what disease causes it? Coronavirus belongs to the family Coronaveridae. Its surface has a lipid shell with very characteristic coronary structures. Coronavirus causes a disease that scientists call COVID-19. The disease causes cough, fever, shortness of breath, weakness and muscle aches. In extreme cases, coronavirus can cause sepsis, septic shock, and … Read more