Poland 5G compared to the rest of the region. is bad

Poland has the slowest 5G in Central and Eastern Europe. In this regard, if we compare ourselves with the leader Bulgaria, we are very bad. 5G in Central and Eastern Europe Ookla (manages speedtest.net) took a look Development of 5G network in eight countries of Central and Eastern Europeincluding In Poland. According to GSM Intelligence, … Read more

RFBenchmark shows 5G quality in Szczecin and Poznan

Notel Poland conducted 5G network tests in Szczecin and Poznan (so-called Stationary Test). They show the state of application of the latest mobile phone technologies in these cities. How was the test conducted? Quality tests 5G Stationary Test was performed using smartphones Xiaomi Mi 11Operating on all 5G networks in Poland. These devices also allow … Read more

According to speedtest.net, the Internet in Poland in the 4th quarter of 2021. Where was the fastest?

Speedtest.net (Ookla) presented mobile internet statistics for the fourth quarter of 2021 in Poland. The report shows which operator is the fastest and which equipment achieves the highest speed. The fastest mobile internet? In T-Mobile Service report Speedtest.net As for the number of operators in the ranking of mobile internet speeds for the last quarter … Read more