Thanks to NFT, we will preserve our culture in the Arctic and revive forgotten works

Digital art archives are nothing new. The works of Olga Tokarczuk or Wisława Szymborska, among others on the Arctic ice for centuries. Ensuring NFT in this way will ensure data continuity on an unprecedented scale. Along with classical artists, our generation will find art created by artificial intelligence. Today, we can rediscover the forgotten works … Read more

Toyota. Do you know where to buy your car? What were the different dealer networks for?

Of course, we are talking about Japan. We would not have such madness. Although, for example, AMG is available not only in Mercedes showrooms, for example, in the Gdansk AMG office. Similarly, BMW now has special showrooms for the M sub-brand, but Toyota has taken it to a completely different level historically. Toyota began to … Read more

CPK announces investor option in Warsaw – Łódź (visualizations)

CPK proves that railway investments can be made faster according to schedules by adhering to the highest standards. A year ago, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki signed a contract for technical, economic and environmental research (STEŚ) for the Warsaw-Lodz high-speed line at the modernized Warsaw Zachodnia station. Only 12 months later, at the Lodź Fabryczna Railway … Read more

“We looked at my father as in the picture, and he didn’t see us. We just lost, and the cat was more important than that. ”- Real Life

photo: Adobe Stock, Africa Studio The wooden, torn chair crackled with warning as it suddenly moved. He held out his hand and gently stroked the cat’s gray hair … I was surprised when my father called me, I didn’t expect him to call. He was always waiting for one of us to call or come … Read more