The horror of 18-year-old Weronica. The teenager was caught by dogs and torn to pieces. “No face” [ZDJĘCIA]

Author: reprodukcja Dariusz Kucharski / Super Express The horror of 18-year-old Weronica. The teenager was caught by dogs and torn to pieces. “No face” [ZDJĘCIA] 18-year-old Weronika was attacked by a group of wild dogs near Lask. On the morning of Thursday, May 26, the girl was attacked while crossing the forest between the villages … Read more

Sobolevsky’s wife still makes a lot of money in companies! Exactly how much? Its prices are not scary! – Super Express

Author: Krzysztof Sobolewski / TWITTER Krzysztof Sobolewski with his wife Almost a year ago, the Law on Law and Justice (PiS) passed a “sanitation resolution” aimed at eliminating the unhealthy phenomenon of filling PiS politicians’ family members into lucrative positions in state treasury companies. The model of the “fat cats” that Yaroslav Kaczynski (73) spoke … Read more

Swedish vegan manufacturer conquers the Polish Internet. Brand Huj! Will he enter Poland?

Author: Adam Tubilewicz Date: June 8, 2022, 12:29 About the Swedish company Huj! Recently, the Polish Internet has become loud. We asked the manufacturer of vegan toothpaste how he perceived the extraordinary interest across the Baltic Sea and whether he was considering entering our market. hey! is a Swedish startup that produces vegetable substitutes for … Read more

Cryptocurrency Market: What You Need to Know About the Ethereum Network Fusion

Polsat Plus Group and Polsat Foundation together for children from Ukraine After the release of the first Ethereum White Paper in 2014, Ethereum developers made it clear that they would eventually want to implement the Ethereum protocol. proof-of-stake instead proof of workhowever, due to technical difficulties, this has not been possible so far. The current … Read more

The price of pizza has risen. The price varies over five years

The price varies over five years. photo: facebook / telepizza How much will we pay for pizza at famous pizzerias in Tri-City right now? We are often surprised by the amount of food prices in the city. Based on the archive texts on our website, we decided to compare the prices of pizza in popular … Read more

The cable is not an optical fiber

As shown by UKE’s “The Role of the Internet in Personal and Professional Life,” Internet users with fiber optics are usually more satisfied with their service provider and spend more time online. This is mainly due to the fact that optical links have many advantages over other technologies that offer network access. FTTH (Fiber To … Read more

Armored defense. How a VPN protects against cybercriminals – Safe Web

M.Ajówka in Greece, shopping in the US, works in Poland. In any case, we must make sure that we use the Internet in the safest way. Therefore, in addition to the obvious antivirus software, we must complete our protection with a VPN program, which not only protects our privacy, but also allows you to enjoy … Read more

It’s hard to count the scenes of Joseph Micah

“I’ve been teaching art at this school for a year,” says Joseph Mika. – The exhibition and its opening were held thanks to the school administration and the director of the Municipal Cultural Center in Pilnik. I hope that soon we will visit various cultural centers in Varmia and Mazuri with this exhibition. In fact, … Read more

Retail network margins are much higher than in the West. That’s how much they add to inflation

Trade profitability has increased significantly over the past year, surpassing pre-pandemic levels High margins attracted new players and two new German chains entered the market One of them will want to capture part of the large margin recently realized by Rossmann stores. Biedronka, the retail market leader, makes more money from its owner’s stores in … Read more