The Omnispace Spark-2 ™ satellite has been successfully launched into orbit

With the launch of the satellite, the Omnispace Spark program came to an end. This is another important step towards the creation of the first global hybrid mobile network. Omnispace and Thales Alenia Space, a joint venture between Thales (67%) and Leonardo (33%), announced today that the Omnispace Spark-2 ™ satellite has entered orbit. The … Read more

Inside the twisted world of the millionaire mega-church priest “Apostle”, who flew in a plane preparing girls for sex.

The priest MEGAKOŚCI, who enjoyed the billionaire’s luxurious lifestyle, was found guilty of cheating and raping young girls. Known as an apostle by five million viewers, Naason Joaquin García pleaded guilty to assaulting three minor victims who said they were sex slaves. 5 A 53-year-old Mexican priest has been sentenced to 16 years and eight … Read more

E-commerce is a seemingly simple business

How do you assess the current state of the e-commerce industry in Poland? Have companies learned from the pandemic? Arkadiusz Kawa, Director of the Institute, Lukasiewicz – Poznan Institute of Technology, Professor at the University of Logistics: The e-commerce sector has been developing very dynamically for several years. The pandemic period accelerated this development. During … Read more

A way to a quiet holiday. How to protect yourself from cybercriminals – Safe Web

Inacacia trees in no time. Criminals do not rest, it is a time when they become more active, especially on the Internet. They try to gain access to our accounts, steal information, and infect computers. What methods do they use and how are they protected? Before going on a long-awaited vacation – consider the relevant … Read more