Scientists and engineers from the capital of Greater Poland unite. Łukasiewicz – The Poznan Institute of Technology is established

On January 1, 2022, the Lukasiewicz Research Network – Poznan Institute of Technology was launched. The merger of the five existing institutes that are part of Łukasiewicz into one institute increases the research and commercial potential and allows for more effective competition for clients and international R&D projects. – The merger of the Poznań Lukasiewicz … Read more

We create science for business – Wprost

The research institute you lead is a department with a tradition – its origins go back to the 1950s and was associated with the formation of the technological base for the Polish textile industry. Much has changed since then. Today, it is part of the Łukasiewicz Research Network. What is under this name? At present, … Read more

The CEO of Play is calling for new frequencies. The approach to the 5G network needs to change

During the presentation of the financial results for 2021, the president of Play raised the issue of frequency distribution of mobile networks. The situation in Ukraine today shows how important network capacity is. Meanwhile, we are talking only about 5G in the context of high-speed Internet. Operators also need to change the story. In Poland, … Read more

Everything about Polsat Plus Group’s mobile and landline networks

Polsat Plus Group provided detailed information on mobile and fixed line networks. In the field of radio and broadcasting, the Group cooperates with the Polish company Towerlink of the Cellnex Group. In July 2021, the contract for the sale of 99.99% of shares of subsidiary Polkomtel Infrastructure to Cellnex Group expired. The assets of the … Read more

Debut of fully electric E-Transit in Poland. Ford has developed a unique offer and a network of specialized dealers

Ford is already accepting orders for the new all-electric Ford E-Transit. Sales, as well as after-sales and after-sales services are provided by a wide network of specialized dealers. The model is extremely competitive in terms of prices and opportunities in its segment. The E-Transit is already a well-equipped car in the basic version with innovative … Read more

The Cittaslow City Network is celebrating 15 years of its existence – the idea of ​​a slow life is becoming more and more fashionable.

The Polish Cittaslow Cities Network is celebrating its 15th anniversary with a castle in Lubava. The cities included in this network promote life in a hurry, preserve local customs and traditions, and are proud of local cuisine and monuments – their symbol is the orange grape snail. The Cittaslow network includes cities and towns with … Read more

Romanian 5G network without Nokia. Is geopolitics on cybersecurity?

Nokia has been banned from setting up a 5G network in Romania. This shows what the situation in Poland would look like if the choice of network equipment suppliers was politicized. In this situation, is the confusion around the Russian surveillance system to blame? And why is geopolitics more important than cybersecurity? Network equipment suppliers … Read more

We turn off the electricity to charge. Here’s what the Polish network looks like (and what needs to change)

MATEUSZ LUBCZAŃSKI • 2 days ago • 4 comments This winter, the country’s energy balance was tight and the situation will become even more complicated. The number of unloaded and loaded cars is increasing on the roads. Is it possible to “increase the power” and will our non-modern infrastructure withstand it? Do you have an … Read more

Necessary investments in energy distribution are bottlenecks

– Energy networks are important in terms of energy transformation. Even if we build sources, we will not be able to carry out transformation without a network, said Ireneusz Zyska, Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment, Government Plenipotentiary for Renewable Energy, at the EuroPOWER & OZE POWER energy conference. This problem was also highlighted by … Read more