Fur animals – species and livestock

Fur animals, as the name implies, are species bred for their fur. Social consciousness is changing as dynamically as fashion, and today the importance of the fur industry is marginalized. We prefer to admire the beauty of these species not in their wardrobes, but in their natural environment. Some fur animals are also bred as … Read more

Alsas Sheepdog – characteristic features

The Alsace Shepherds were formerly called Germans. Appropriate training will prepare them to work in the army and police, and a strong and loving owner will make friends for many years. What are the distinctive features of Alsace Shepherd dogs? alzaslı, in other words, the German is the most popular pet classified as a shepherd … Read more

What do rats eat? How to choose a good karma?

Rats are rodents that eat everything. The rat’s diet should include essential nutrients, vitamins and fiber. Properly selected food for a rat affects its appearance, health and well-being. What do rats like to eat? Rats are popular pets. The domesticated version of the wild rat requires nutritious food that is responsible for the proper functioning … Read more