Pay attention to dogs and cats during the holidays. This can harm them

Keepers of curious dogs and cats should be especially careful when choosing Christmas plants for their homes. photo: sonjnyj / Each of us wants to spend Christmas in peace and joy. At this time, pet caregivers face the problem of protecting the Christmas tree and other plants from being eaten by dogs and cats. … Read more

bullet wounded dogs came to us; The most severely wounded were going to Poland for surgery

We had dogs with bullet wounds and shrapnel in their bodies; The most seriously injured immediately went to Poland for surgery – says PAP Dagmara Dymarska from the Centaurus Foundation, which helps animals. The organization, which began operating in Ukraine shortly after the start of the war, today aims to evacuate dogs and cats from … Read more

Not only birds but also dogs fly. The Dogfrisbee 2021 competition continues in Kolibki

High flights, competition, talented dog athletes and their owners from all over Poland and, above all, a lot of fun and a family atmosphere. The “Flying Dogs” competition is held over the weekend in Kolibki Park in Gdynia. Admission to the event is free. Dog training in Tri-City The first weekend of October Kolibki Park … Read more

Diphtheria. Diphtheria, angina, croup. This disease can be fatal

Diphtheria is a dangerous infectious disease that affects most children. Corinform is caused by bacteria The symptoms of diphtheria depend on the form of the disease. There are several types of the disease, as they can affect different organs How can I prevent diphtheria? First of all, through compulsory vaccinations. It covers children and teenagers … Read more

slag. The first cats behind fences in Rawicz, in the shadow of a desert storm (REPORT) – PoBandzie

Although the match between Metalika Recycling Kolejarz Rawicz and Texom Stali Rzeszów, scheduled for April 16, is listed in the schedule as the match of the 2nd round of the 2nd Speed ​​Road League, both teams showed themselves to the fans on the track. for the first time this season. The players of Rawicz, who … Read more

You can catch these diseases from your dog

The 48-year-old American was trying to show love to four-legged pets by kissing them and allowing them to lick their faces. The man did not feel well and came to the hospital with symptoms he thought were flu or a severe cold. After detailed research, it was found that 48-year-old Greg Manteufel Capnocytophaga canimorsus, ie. … Read more