Ricky Gervais has come under fire for his transphobic jokes on the new Netflix show

After the premiere of the stand “Ricky Gervais: Super Nature”, the whole hell was broken. LGBTQIA + accuses British comedian of transphobia. He himself defends the right to joke about taboos, claiming that he wants to “take smart audiences to places they haven’t been before.” “Rikki Gervais: Super Nature” This is the second stand-up prepared … Read more

Dog training and dog sports for everyone

Basic obedience in a dog is useful not only for possible canine sports, but also for everyday life. photo: Joanna Karjalainen / Trojmiasto.pl Small and large, pure and non-purebred – all dogs want to understand and understand their owners. Life becomes easier when we know how to communicate with our pets. We are reviewing dog … Read more

Meet big dogs from the UK – from life-saving mastiffs to surf poodles

Meet the big dogs from the UK – from the life-saving mastiff breed to the SURF poodle. Talented dogs have gathered to celebrate their unusual relationship with dog owners. These include the Mastiff / Staffordshire bull terrier cross Louie, which warns the owner of cancer, and the Yorkshire Terrier, which “catches” the owner’s sepsis. The … Read more

Why do we want to chew babies and sweet cats? The answer is in psychology

Both babies and small animals or cartoon characters have similar physical characteristics that make them lovely and attractive. Young children are also associated with the need for sensitivity and care The combination of these compounds we want to protect when something is sweet However, our gestures, facial expressions, and expressions often seem quite aggressive The … Read more

Plants that protect against insects. Flowers against mosquitoes and ticks – Super Express

Author: Piotr Mastalerz, design: Marcin Rubik Plants in containers are an integral part of the garden. Here, the form and texture are subject to discounts, which further immerses the house in the surrounding landscape. Resting in the garden can not be more spoiled by sharp clouds of mosquitoes or seeing the dangerous bites of ticks. … Read more

Recipes for healthy, home-made cat food

Homemade cat food can be a valuable addition to a healthy diet. At the same time, they bring great pleasure to pets. But you must choose them carefully. Improper treatment can harm your cat. Cats are born carnivores. Their diet should consist mainly of animal proteins and fats, as these substances are best absorbed by … Read more

Spinal diseases after the age of 65 – how to help the elderly?

More than 80 percent of Poles suffer from recurrent low back pain. The cause of the disease is, among others, incorrect posture, inactivity, as well as more than 60-65. age, it also increases the risk of diseases and diseases within the musculoskeletal system. The most common diseases include discopathy, spondylolisthesis, and general umbilical pain, which … Read more

Dogs can smell COVID-19. All you need is a leather stick – Zdrowie Wprost

BMJ Global Health reports that dogs can reliably detect COVID-19 infection in their skin. The dogs accurately identified the infected people Prompt and accurate identification and isolation of patients with COVID-19 infection is of great importance. Currently, the diagnosis of coronavirus infection is based on an accurate and sensitive PCR test. However, PCR tests, among … Read more