Animals are remembered in Kunow commune! Cat owners can sterilize or castrate them for free!

The sterilization and castration of cats in Kunov commune is carried out in cooperation with the Kunow Animal Aid Association “Podaj Łapę” (activity coordinator), Kunov City and Communal Administration, which pays half of the costs. General sterilization of the Gray Bure and Łaciate Foundation, covering the second half of the costs. Joanna Kosiarska, president of … Read more

The fox in the city. What are foxes afraid of? Where can foxes be reported?

The fox met in ul. Freedom in Nowy Port. photo: reader As they say, they are cunning. In real life – very smart and interesting, but also lives in the city, especially when eating. More and more often we are talking about foxes that can be found under our windows – like wild boars. … Read more