Who has the fastest internet in Poland? SpeedTest.pl claims that UPC and T-Mobile

SpeedTest.pl has published an internet speed rating for Poland for February 2022. Leading, no surprises. Created based on the latest rankings of the SpeedTest.pl website 3.8 million tests Developed in February 2022. In this issue 897 min. The measurements were made in a mobile application. The same operators remained in the lead every month. Look: … Read more

Once connected, secure and fast Internet became a priority for Polish consumers: for work, business and home management

Almost 40 percent. Poles now use the Internet to work from home or run their own businesses. High-speed access to the safe Internet is not only because the pandemic has forced Poles to understand how important it is for education, official work and the household in general. According to the latest Cisco Broadband Index, people … Read more

Does the Internet in Poland meet the requirements of remote work? Research results – Computerworld

New Cisco Broadband Index Research: Hybrid is a new standard in business, and employees require universal access to high-performance broadband Internet. 64% of employees surveyed in Poland believe that in order to work from anywhere, it is necessary to improve the existing Internet connections. Instagram PHOTOGRAPHIN / Pixabay Successful work on a hybrid model depends … Read more

Information centers are the target of cyber attacks. How can they be protected? – eGospodarka.pl

ESET experts note the growing threat of cyber attacks on data centers, which, among others, means the loss of access to a number of key services. What are the main risks? How can data centers be protected from attacks? Also read: Cybersecurity: What cyber attacks threaten us in 2022? Why can data centers be the … Read more