Altcoins, ie not only Bitcoin – are popular cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are a market with great prospects. Many people are taking their first steps in investing in exchanges that manage Bitcoin and other virtual coins. What are altcoins and why should you look at them? What is cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is the modern currency of the future, based on cryptographic systems. We often combine the definition … Read more

Online shopping on social media – how to do it wisely?

Many factors influence the decisions of e-consumers and which store to choose. The most important ones include the product’s attractive price, low delivery cost, positive experiences from previous online purchases, as well as promotions and special offers1. However, many people also make decisions based on feedback on social media1. It is worth checking them and … Read more

Looking for prepaid internet? We have checked the best offers for you in 2022 – PC World

A student’s life does not consist of flowers, and it can be very difficult to pay large bills. To avoid worrying about Internet access and at the same time not to use your package on your mobile phone, check which of the prepaid internet is worth choosing. Source: Joseph Frank / Unsplash With the advent … Read more

How do cybercriminals break our passwords? –

The scope of cybercriminal attacks is constantly expanding. To effectively protect your data, you need to know how your user passwords can fall into the wrong hands. How do cybercriminals break our passwords? We present the most common methods developed by Fortinet experts. Also read: A secure password is important. A quarter of Poles do … Read more

4 rules for safe online shopping

60% of Poles consider online shopping safe1. In addition, only 18% of those who do not shop online are concerned about online payments – more people refuse to buy because they cannot see the product before making a purchase2. It is worth using solutions that make online purchases and payments risk-free. Buy at proven stores … Read more

Poles are drowning in debt. Since the beginning of the year, they have increased by about 800 million PLN

photo: Kmpzzz / / Shutterstock In 2021, overdue bank loan installments and unpaid utilities, telephone, television and Internet fees amounted to 45.2 billion PLN. According to the National Debt Registry, in the first three months of this year, they increased by about 800 million PLN. Silesians are most indebted. If we look through the prism … Read more

Zenda shared a photo with Tom Holland for the first time! The Internet is crazy

Author: FaceToFace / reporter Zendaya posted a photo with Tom Holland Zendaya celebrated Tom Holland’s birthday by sharing a photo with him on Instagram. The actress also added an attractive introduction, which captivated Internet users. Do you remember the innocent beginnings of their love? Zendaya and Tom Holland are one of the favorite couples in … Read more

How to stay safe on LinkedIn? –

The popularity of the LinkedIn platform in Poland is constantly growing. Cybercriminals, who are increasingly attacking their users, are also aware of this, and their methods of operation are constantly improving. ESET experts warn about LinkedIn scams – phishing attacks and fake job offers. Also read: 5 cyber threats against social media and 7 ways … Read more