No need to work far away or with your family. The expert is investigating the new rules for remote work

photo: dokurose / / Shutterstock Will the employer guarantee me a table and chairs to work remotely? Will the employer pay for my electricity and internet? These questions, among others, must be answered by amending the long-awaited law on remote work, the Labor Code. But will he answer? More than two years after the need … Read more

Swedish vegan manufacturer conquers the Polish Internet. Brand Huj! Will he enter Poland?

Author: Adam Tubilewicz Date: June 8, 2022, 12:29 About the Swedish company Huj! Recently, the Polish Internet has become loud. We asked the manufacturer of vegan toothpaste how he perceived the extraordinary interest across the Baltic Sea and whether he was considering entering our market. hey! is a Swedish startup that produces vegetable substitutes for … Read more

The sale of coal on the Internet is full of pathologies. Onet reached the broker. “PGG store has a bot that will buy everything”

When coal prices in warehouses skyrocket, Poles can buy cheap fuel for their homes. In both cases, the coal is sold within 10 seconds after it is put on sale. Great demand is responsible for this situation, but also unscrupulous brokers They buy coal using bots and demand 600 PLN per ton to sell it … Read more

They put a cell phone pole. 40 cows died

A mobile phone pole has been installed near the pasture overlooking the Alps. Unfortunately, while there is no evidence that 40 cows perished and that this was the fault of a nearby building, the anti-cell community has already announced its verdict. Institute of Communication prepared another corner of the series #Say Say, refutes various types … Read more

A little shock. Play the speed leader

Who offered the fastest mobile or home Internet in May? The latest rating may surprise you. Play and Plus no longer block the back in the mobile classification, while UPC and Inea were ahead of the red in the list of fixed lines. For many months, the internet speed ratings in Poland provided by … Read more