Better internet for kids. The European Union announces a new strategy

Better internet for kids.  The European Union announces a new strategy

Photo Robo Wunderkind / Unsplash / Social Area Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Copy the link send email The European Commission has adopted a new European strategy for a better internet for children to provide more protection and strengthen children online. Children and adolescents live in a digital world, often unaware of the dangers they face. Legislation … Read more

Soon recipes, applications, online registration. What else can we do in health?

E-services are gaining popularity in healthcare. In one year, the Internet Patient Account Program – mojeIKP was installed more than 3 million times Choose or change your first aid doctor online, among others, share medical records, check COVID test results, order an e-prescription or download an e-application The range of opportunities will soon expand. Residents … Read more

Plus it gives you 1500 GB free 100 GB per year, not just for a month

It happened. Plush prepaid Plus mobile network also offers 100 GB free every month and 1500 GB per year. In addition, we have no time restrictions on the use of data. As a result, we have GB of data for years if only someone is allowed to use it mobile internet on the phone. There … Read more announced in April who has the fastest internet in Poland

Who offered the fastest internet connections in Poland in April? The latest rating of answers this question. In April 2022, users of the website did just that 3.2 million measurementsincluding 843 thousand in mobile applications. Based on them, a rating was compiled last month showing who offers the fastest fixed or mobile internet … Read more

Online doctor appointment? The pilot starts

At a conference on new projects to digitize the health care system at the Clinical Didactic Center of the Medical University of Lodz on Monday, Health Minister Adam Niedzielski spoke about the ministry’s immediate plans. digitization. As the next step in digitization, Niedzielski pointed to medical e-documents submitted in July last year that are still … Read more