How did Rebel Wilson hide her relationship with her boyfriend Ramona Agruma for MONTHS, despite many social dates before “Speech”?

REBEL Wilson announced on Instagram that he met with fashion designer Ramona Agruma. However, her fans may not have noticed that she hinted at her romance by hiding the fact that they had been in love for months. 17 On June 9, Rebel posted a favorite photo of him and Ramona. “I thought I was … Read more

LN volleyball players – Vołosz: I returned to another national team

Volleyball player Joanna Wołosz returned to the national team after a break of about two and a half years. He admits that he makes new friends and connects with coach Stefan Lavarini, who has repeatedly competed in the Italian league. In January 2020, the Netherlands closed a chapter in its national team career with a … Read more

Vroslav. Recovery of nuns killed by Red Army soldiers

On Saturday, 10 sisters of Elizabeth, who were killed in 1945 and some of whom were raped by Red Army soldiers before they died, will be commemorated at a church in Wroclaw. Tragic events have taken place today in the Opole region, Lower Silesia and the Czech Republic. Preparations for the holiday are accompanied by … Read more

They attacked the police and bit the doctors. This is the story of psychotic twins

Ursula and Sabina Eriksson are twin sisters diagnosed with a very rare disease – general delusional disorder. The disease first spread to Ursula, and then to her sister as a result of very close contact The girls have been behaving strangely for a long time. At first, they crossed a busy highway. After being beaten … Read more

Inside the twisted world of the millionaire mega-church priest “Apostle”, who flew in a plane preparing girls for sex.

The priest MEGAKOŚCI, who enjoyed the billionaire’s luxurious lifestyle, was found guilty of cheating and raping young girls. Known as an apostle by five million viewers, Naason Joaquin García pleaded guilty to assaulting three minor victims who said they were sex slaves. 5 A 53-year-old Mexican priest has been sentenced to 16 years and eight … Read more

“My friend treated me like a piggy bank. He took out cash whenever he wanted. But with credit, he has already exaggerated … “- Real life

image: Adobe Stock, zigzag Viola and I started to dress a little better, but she was still a star – she took me as she wanted. And apparently, he would burn me in his glare. If it weren’t for my mother, I would look beautiful now – naked, barefoot and in debt. Fortunately, he took … Read more