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According to a study by the Center for Public Opinion Research “Internet use in 2022”, the number of Internet users in Poland is growing. Currently, 77% of respondents report being online regularly – at least once a week – online. adults, ie 4 percent more than 2021. In the last two years, including the coronavirus epidemic, the percentage of Internet users has increased by 9 percent.

Data collected by CBOS show that the popularity of online shopping and services remains high, including. internet banking. Held in May this year. For the first time, the survey also asked about the use of the Internet for official business.

“Currently, we are witnessing a record popularity of the distribution of goods and services via the Internet. Access to services and content is more than ever, and as we surveyed, most people use some paid websites online. For next year, the popularity is very high. Internet banking. Poles deal with official issues online, “said Michał Felixiak, a CBOS analyst and author of the study.

Trade is still online

As in the previous year, almost two-thirds of Poles (64%, or 84% of Internet users) say they buy something online. Online sales of goods have gained some popularity after the previous measurement. More than a third of all adults (36% or 46% of Internet users) have sold something in this way at least once.

In the month before the survey, about half of Poles (47%, or 61% of Internet users) made online purchases, the same as the previous year. “While the popularity of online shopping has grown gradually over the last 20 years, there has been a clear leap forward in 2020, most likely due to the coronavirus epidemic,” CBOS said.

We mainly buy clothes online

In April of this year. The most popular clothes and shoes are bought through the network, followed by cosmetics, electronic equipment and books. Compared to previous years, the popularity of payment for access to services or content has increased significantly, which is now stated by one tenth of Internet users. In addition, more or less one in ten respondents stated that they had purchased toys or other children’s goods and automotive items in the past month.

Less commonly purchased goods include bus, train or plane tickets, sports equipment, medicines, food, multimedia (software, computer games, music, movies) and tickets to cultural and sporting events. In addition, some respondents spontaneously included other product types that were not included in the list. household items or interior design, building materials, tools, plants, gardening and horticultural equipment, pet accessories, cleaning and hygiene products.

“In the last three years (that is, since the coronavirus epidemic continued), more people have bought clothes and shoes online, as well as cosmetics and food,” CBOS said.

Popular internet banking

The study notes that online banking has become very popular in the last two years. Currently, 79% of the population uses online banking services. Internet users or 61 percent. all adults.

The popularity of paid services and content on the Internet, such as press subscriptions, access to multimedia, membership in services or games, has increased. In the month before the survey, more than a quarter of Internet users (27%, or 21% of all respondents) used such services.

Downloading free software, music and movies from the Internet was announced by the same percentage of Internet users as a year ago, ie more than a quarter (27%, ie 21% of the total number of respondents). Since 2015, probably as a result of the popularity of streaming media, the scale of the phenomenon of free multimedia downloads among Internet users has been significantly smaller than before. File uploads are still more common among young users than the average – 18-24 (46%) and 25-34 (36%).

Online office is becoming more and more popular

For the first time this year, the CBOS survey on Internet use included questions about online solutions to official issues. Respondents’ statements show that 44% of the Internet was used for this purpose in the month before the survey. users, ie 33 percent of all Poles.

“It seems that the coronavirus epidemic has greatly affected the use of the Internet by Poles, and this has probably led some people to cut off direct social contact and solve problems remotely,” said Felixiak.

More and more Poles are always online

According to data published on Thursday, more than one in two respondents who use the Internet (53%) only use Internet applications when they want to do something, such as checking something or contacting someone. The rest of the respondents state that they are constantly online, which means that they are constantly receiving information and can react to it.

“We noted the popularity of the latest style of Internet use two years ago, and the situation has not changed much since then,” CBOS said.

How you use the Internet depends on your age. The report notes that respondents under the age of 35, especially those between the ages of 18 and 24, are more likely to report a permanent online presence, while those aged 45 and older are more likely to use the Internet for a specific purpose. are.

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The CBOS survey was conducted as part of a mixed-mode procedure from May 2 to 12, 2022, involving 1,087 adult Polish residents (including 58.9% using the CAPI method, 28.7% using the CATI method, and 12.4% using the CATI method). percent) was carried out on the sample of representation. – CAWI).

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