The power of HITs and the thrilling repertoire of Helios cinemas

Helios promises that the upcoming era in cinemas will be epic! Flying Top Gun school warplanes, the sounds of crazy dinosaurs from the Jurassic world, or Buzz Lightyear’s space adventures are just the beginning of your summer adventure with a great movie. With such a hit collection, no audience can complain of boredom! It is worth entering the world of cinema and being a part of this amazing competition for the title of the best blockbuster of the year …

Helios cinema network prepares space surprise for Toy Story lovers! On June 16, you will be able to see the latest Disney / Pixar production, the Buzz Lightyear. An adventurous sci-fi production about the origins of Buzz Lightyear – a character who is a prototype of a toy set in the world of Toy Story.

Premieres of the week

One of the greatest series in the history of cinema – “Jurassic World” is back! This time Oscar® winners Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum and Sam Neil join Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard.. “Jurassic world domination” Isla is a breathtaking spectacle that took place four years after the destruction of the island of Nublar. Dinosaurs now live and hunt with humans all over the world. This fragile balance will change the future, and it remains to be seen whether people will now remain the largest predators on the planet, which they now share with the most terrifying creatures in history.

From this Friday, Helios cinemas will really be green because they are coming “Hedgehog and friends”. Mila and Mędrek – brave hedgehogs and hit squirrels are children and animals, and at the same time a couple living in the clearing of the forest are best friends. They embarked on a joint expedition to ensure that the forest creatures had access to their increasingly scarce water due to the prolonged drought. It will be a fantastic eco-adventure!

The third premiere this week “Crazy grandfather”. Former stand-up comedian Michael Jr. in Ben Marcus’ middle age crisis. In the film, he tries to become a social media star until the Bible radically changes him and his family.

12.06 Helios for children: “Film mornings 44 cat parts. 16 ″ – Special screening with competitions before the screening

13.06 Koneser cinema “My son” / subtitles 18:00

16.06 Accessible Culture “Somehow It Will Be” 13:00 and 18:00

Helios for children

On Sunday, June 12, there will be another meeting with the heroes of the series “44 Cats” in the series Film Mornings. The youngest spectators will have fun with a group of beautiful cats known as Arcykoty! Traditionally, competitions and family games will be held in the cinema hall before the screening.

Bilici kino

The movie Konesera will be presented on June 13 “My son”. James McAvoy, who played the father of the boy who went missing during the filming, did not appear in the script and did not know how the story in the film would end. What the audience will see on the screen is the improvisation of the actor, who plays and reacts to the presentation of the film’s partners who know the plot of the film. Actors and spectators learn to solve the riddle at the same time. This is an experience that no actor has ever experienced!

Culture exists

On June 16, as part of the “Existing Culture” series, viewers will hear the favorite words of the film’s protagonists on the screen several times, which is the title of the film: “Somehow it will be”. The protagonists of the comedy are Albert, Marcin and Jacek, three losers in their 30s – since childhood they have been together looking for ways to get rich quick. It must be different now, because it is the movement of their lives. Will the plan work?

The youngest spectators entering the underwater world will see the film duel “FOKI vs SHARKS”. Quinn is a stubborn member of the seal group, and Grims is the leader of a group of underwater sharks that eat the best food. Quinn decides to complete his dream team and drive out the shark once and for all. The last brick collision!
“Mr. WILK and THE COMPANY. BAD GUYS ”is a crazy animation for children, not only! There have never been five of these infamous friends, such as Mr. Wolff, Mr. Ilan, the thief, Mr. Piranha, the master of camouflage, and Mr. Tarantula, the hacker. When he is finally caught after countless robberies and years of being the world’s most wanted villains, Mr. Wolf signs a contract … He decides to be a good citizen to save everyone from imprisonment. Will he keep that promise?
Helios does not forget the youngest spectators from Ukraine, they have an adventure with a beautiful fudge, their dream is to become a music star, but before that Clara has to go on an adventure and take her father out of there. problem. All this “Clara Muu!” is in the film.


We have 2 double invitations to the cinema to win. As every week, this time the first to answer the following question wins.

In what year was the first part of Jurassic Park shown in cinemas?

Send an email to We are waiting for them from 20.00 today. The first two people win.

It is important! Write your answer in the subject line of the email. Enter your first and last name in the text of the email where you will buy a ticket to the cinema. In addition, tickets will only be available for the next week, June 10-17, 2022. The invitation is valid for 2D and 3D shows every day of the week. Does not apply to special projects.
The winners will be informed about the winnings tomorrow.

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