The Omnispace Spark-2 ™ satellite has been successfully launched into orbit

With the launch of the satellite, the Omnispace Spark program came to an end. This is another important step towards the creation of the first global hybrid mobile network.

Omnispace and Thales Alenia Space, a joint venture between Thales (67%) and Leonardo (33%), announced today that the Omnispace Spark-2 ™ satellite has entered orbit. The completion of the satellite deployment phase marks the beginning of the development phase of the world’s first 5G satellite network.

The first Omnispace Spark-1 satellite was launched into orbit in April 2022, and the second Omnispace Spark-2 joined its predecessor in May. Thus, the global Omnispace mobile network (NTN) was launched. Thales Alenia Space was the main contractor for the project, and the satellites were created in collaboration with industry partners: NanoAvionics, ANYWAVES and Syrlinks. The Omnispace Spark-2 was launched into space by Exolaunch aboard the SpaceX Transporter mission.

– We owe the creation of Omnispace Spark to the fruitful cooperation of Thales Alenia Space’s team of innovators and the many know-hows of our partners. After the completion of the Omnispace Spark program, we are looking forward to launching the first global mobile network and connecting our satellites in space to Earth devices. Ram Viswanathan, President and CEO of Omnispace LLC, said – The global network is a breakthrough in the technology market that will provide new quality and opportunities for both individual consumers and businesses and government agencies.

The NGSO generation satellite system, located in Lower Earth Orbit (LEO), will run on 3GPP in the standardized n256 band to work on the NTN network. Such parameters will provide direct access to global connectivity for corporations, government agencies, enterprises and devices in the global consumer market.

– The success of the Omnispace Spark program is the result of a partnership between Thales Alenia Space and innovative startups. Herve Derrey, president and CEO of Thales Alenia Space, said – We are proud to be part of a broad partnership implementing the first global 5G network. This is a great opportunity for mobile network operators, industry and end users.

– Participation and cooperation within the Omnispace Spark program was an extraordinary experience for our company, and this experience ended with the successful launch of both satellites into orbit. Vytenis J. Buzas, founder and CEO of NanoAvionics, has been announced. – The close cooperation between NanoAvioncis and the main contractor of the project, Thales Alenia Space, allowed us to implement modular and cost-effective nano-satellite buses in the project. We also supported the Thales Alenia Space during satellite launch and orbital operations.

– The launch of Omnispace Spark-2 is an important step in building a universal 5G network for Omnispace. Antennas will allow you to connect directly to the network, regardless of the location of the user, produced by our company. Our mission is to implement solutions that promote innovative technologies ANYWAVES CEO Nicholas Capet said

– The whole Syrlinks team is closely following the future development of the project. Syrlinks Radiofrequency payload solution is on board satellites delivered into orbit. Each subsequent satellite placed in orbit expands the coverage of the IoT satellite service Eric Pinson, Syrlinks’ director of space activities, said

Over the past decade, TAS and its partners have launched 127 satellites into Lower Earth Orbit (LEO). It is the only European company that has gained experience in space flight with very high-resolution optical instruments. In Poland, the company focuses primarily on technology transfer and since 2015 has been developing cooperation with important national space centers.

– The Polish branch of Thales Alenia Space actively cooperates with entrepreneurs and organizations to support the industry in expanding its participation in the global supply chain for the European Space Agency and other foreign contractors. We also build a continuous commercial and public partnership to ensure the transfer of know-how and provide Polish employees with access to the latest world discoveries and technologies. Poland has a chance to develop its skills in the field of satellite systems and become an important player in the international arena. – Andrzej Banasiak, General Director of Thales Alenia Space in Poland.

5G mobile connection from a global network creates a modern communication infrastructure that will determine the future development of the global digital economy. A new and more effective way to connect is becoming a platform for mobile network operators, their customers and partners to develop future innovations, connecting different industries with billions of users around the world.

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