Rapid development of Pepco, but outside of Poland. He is building a new brand with us

  • Although not in Poland, Pepco Group is accelerating its development in Western Europe, mainly in Austria, Italy and Spain.
  • In our country, the company is currently developing a network of pharmacies and food Dealz
  • Pepco Group’s revenues in Poland are growing more slowly than in other countries
  • More such information can be found on the Onet home page

At the end of March, Pepco’s European chain of stores already had 3,700 owners. points, ie 350 (+ 13.9%) more than a year ago – said the Dutch company, which has established success in our country and is now spread throughout Europe, in its semi-annual report.

The group has set a target of opening 400 to about 450 new chain stores this year, but it is primarily about development in other European countries, not Poland. The Pepco chain already has 1,185 stores, so the market is saturated. It started only 18 years ago.

Pepco network in European countries.

Pepco Group

In Poland, he is now developing another brand, Dealz. This is the name of the network owned by the British company Poundland, which Pepco took over in the first half of last year.

From October last year to March this year. 33 Dealz stores have opened in Poland. They sell food and pharmacy products, and this is more competition for Rossmann or Hebe than for Biedronka and Lidl. If we look at Rossmann’s high margin in Poland, we can see that the new competition will benefit them.

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