“My friend treated me like a piggy bank. He took out cash whenever he wanted. But with credit, he has already exaggerated … “- Real life

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Viola and I started to dress a little better, but she was still a star – she took me as she wanted. And apparently, he would burn me in his glare. If it weren’t for my mother, I would look beautiful now – naked, barefoot and in debt. Fortunately, he took matters into his own hands!

My mother hated my best friend Wiola. She considered him a swindler and a woman. He made a hole in my stomach to allow me Cut off acquaintance with Wiola …

– What do you see in that girl? he said angrily. – Do you have endosperm in your eyes? You will finally learn! he predicted. “He’ll bring you down so low you won’t lift yourself up!”

And I liked Wiola! I was He looks at her as in the picturebecause she is a beautiful girl and the exact opposite of me. I would like to look like her: long legs, sixty centimeters of waist, DD breasts and shiny hair. In addition, Wiola is outspoken, confident, and no one will skip her. And he always gets what he wants …

He still borrowed from me

He was the star of our corporation. Although not everyone loved him, everyone knew him. The girls especially gossiped that he could be calculated and ruthless.

– Pass over the dead! If you stand in his way, he will trample you – Wiola’s old friend complained. – Morality is zero. How I cried for her!

I didn’t understand the word, because Wiola was the real ideal for me. Everything is wrong with me did you like it… I almost fell when I stopped that day because he didn’t pay attention to mice like me your car.

“Hold on, Zuzka!” He smiled and cried. “I’ll pick you up.” What are you wet?

In fact, the weather was bad. It was raining in the morning and the bus was not coming. Waiting for me not to push myself in, I stood in the middle of the growing number of passengers for minutes. and I’m one hundred percent late for work. Wiola’s offer was a salvation and an honor!

“Thank you,” I stammered excitedly. – It’s nice to see you. you are super

“Nothing,” he said. – We will stop only at the gas station on the road. I have to refuel.

We went to the distributor and Wiola got out of the car lightly like a dancer. He started looking for something in the cave bag. He was looking and looking … Finally, with tears in his eyes, he ran to the car.

– Listen, darling, save me! He shouted. – I did not take my wallet. I have no cash, no credit card, and the tank is empty. We are not going to work!

“Of course not,” I said, happy to help him.

I must admit that I was a little surprised that he wanted to be “full”, but it is difficult. Fortunately, I had money, because it was immediately after the salary. Wiola did not say when he would pay the debt. I knew he would do it the next day, but I was wrong. There was no topic! I was ashamed to remind myselfespecially since Wiola started treating me so well. He smiled, asked me what had happened, and told me to tell him. He dropped me two or three times, once brought coffee from the car. Everyone noticed that he distinguished me.

Once we met by chance in a supermarket. Wiola was with a boy, they were shopping.

– Let me, Zuzka – he introduced us. – Dude, dude.

I thought I would be overjoyed. “Friend”! It was something!

Wiola was well paid at the company, but for some reason she still didn’t have enough money.

– I’m a waste! – he was laughing. “It’s not you, it’s squeaky … You have to save me again, because I’m not doing it,” he said more than he asked.

– I just can’t do much because I will overdraft – I made a shy reservation for the first time.

– Well, what? He snored. – Who doesn’t have an overdraft today? I will return the money to you and I will return it to you.

Gave it back or not. Sometimes he borrowed two hundred zlotys and returned twenty zlotys, laughing:

– I don’t have any more. Take what I give you, because you will not be able to receive it at once!

He gave me the documents to sign

He often traveled for work and always brought me a gift.

– You are really stupid! – My mother, as usual, found a whole hole. – By Junedo you agree with him It’s just a plastic bag. They are given in hotels or cosmetologists. He did not spend a penny on you. He throws something at you and you think God knows what you are!

One day, Wiola eagerly ran away and said that although she didn’t have much money, she could buy an apartment she was renting now.

“The presenters go abroad to see their children, they need money,” he said excitedly. – They are in a hurry, so they need to arrange a loan quickly. I need a girrant … I hope you won’t say no to me?

I knew this apartment: big, beautiful, in a good neighborhood, the price was really affordable, but but loan financing seemed risky to me.

– You know, I’ll think, I’ll talk to my mother – I started.

But Wiolka shouted at me:

– My mother hates me. He will not agree, I also have a knife in my throat! Either we go to the bank immediately, or rope from the cottage. I made an appointment today to apply for a loan. Only then did my landlords agree to wait. Otherwise, the hut is put on the market again son. Someone will clean it!

The worst thing was that he didn’t ask me much. He just leaned against the wall and I didn’t get cold. How frightened the rabbit was! I allowed myself to go to the bank and signed what I needed. My heart was pounding for my loan, but both We earn well with Wiola, so the bank had no doubts. The transfer was to take place in two days …

Today I have a deadly enemy in him

I came home with the look of a beaten dog. My mother immediately sensed that something was wrong, and this time she pushed me against the wall.

– Jesus Maria! he moaned. Say that’s not true!


– And you know exactly that he wants to buy an apartment with her?

– So …

Without even taking off her apron, she threw her jacket over her back and grabbed the car keys.

– Zuzia, let’s go! He commanded aloud. “At least you know where the bloody Vilka lives?”

– Of course I know.

It was already evening. It is dark in Wiola’s windows – a sign that she is not at home. My mother took a deep breath.

“We’re lucky,” he said excitedly. – We call the neighbors.

The mother can talk to people. He also spoke warmly to the old lady who opened the door for us. My mother asked if she knew anything about the sale of the apartment next door, because we had heard such a possibility and were interested. The neighbor’s eyes widened and he was very surprised:

– What are you saying? It is not possible! Want to sell? They said nothing!

– Maybe I should ask myself? – Mother did not leave. – Do they live far away?

– Where. Two blocks from here. I will call them soon …

And so everything turned out! Wiola not only did not buy an apartment, but also has not paid rent for three months. He was in debt at the gas and power plant. He lied, deceived the landlord, closed the door and did not answer the phone.

– Madam, God forbid such a tenant! – We heard from the owner. – Fortunately, the lease will end soon and I will evict him soon! But who will pay his debts to me ?!

On the second day, long before the bank opened, I waited in front of him. The mother was sitting in the car. He looked at me and supported me … I withdrew my funding for Wiola. I wrote all the letters they wanted. I walked from officer to officer and explained why I did it. I have brought it to a very high level. Wiola entered the bank two hours later. He was already opening his mouth to shout at me, but my mother appeared behind me. And Wiola was silent, shrunk, diminished … Like a perforated balloon – it was so small and ugly.

I have a deadly enemy today, but it still doesn’t bother me. She’s afraid I’m going to talk, so she leaves me alone. When I was asked, “How is your idol Viola?” I answer: “Thank you, wrong!” Surprisingly, there are no additional questions.

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