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There’s very little about Marvel’s latest series about teenagers or superheroes we don’t know yet. But is this really a problem?

Kamala Khan (debutant Iman Vellani) is a 16-year-old Pakistani-American living in Jersey City. Like many other series heroes, she deals with the standard problems of her age, from being out of school on a daily basis to the clash of the modern teenage world with the views of conservative parents. However, none of these issues interests the girl’s mind more than her admiration for the Avengers and especially one of them. Guess which one.

Mrs. Marvel, a series about teenagers at MCU

This is by no means the first time Ms. Marvel has looked at MCU’s school lounges – just remember the Spider-Man trilogy – but the story has never bent so much between the teenage and superhero parts of the story. . As for Bisha K. Ali’s series (a stand-up artist and screenwriter working on Loki, among others), this is both a great advantage and a great disadvantage, but above all, it is a novelty for all Marvel. the world.

“Mrs. Marvel” (Photo: Disney +)

The latter tends to diversify, especially in the context of style (which is helped by the currently developed multiverse concept), but the resulting effect is always similar, leading to a few (dozens) more than just one element of the Marvel riddle. . In the Disney + series, this was especially evident when they set up their stories one by one to be the introduction / foundation for a larger project in the future. The exception to this formula was the recently shot “Knight of the Moon”, but it is doubtful that it will be “Ms. Marvel”, which will lead directly to the film “Miracles” (premiere in 2023). Where is this new approach?

This is due to the proper distribution of sequential accents. Not to hide the connections with the superhero universe, but at the same time to make them the background, not the main attraction of the story. Because, in fact, Kamala is not much different from us, they are fans of the comics of the world, who follow their every move and are their favorite among them. He is closer to everyone, but besides? Gadgets, conventions, fanfare, even your own YouTube channel that no one cares about, but you still put all your heart into it. This is reality, not Marvel!

Mrs. Marvel is more of a fan than a superhero

Kamala feels it perfectly, but he is so enthusiastic about superheroes (and especially his idol Captain Marvel) that he can infect everyone around him. Well, almost all of them. Except for parents, siblings, schoolmates, teachers … well, but not all. In fact, it’s just his loyal friend Bruno (Matt Lintz, “Wandering Dead”). This is the fate of a madman.

Mrs. Marvel Disney + series review

“Mrs. Marvel” (Photo: Disney +)

The protagonist of “Mrs. Marvel” is experiencing more difficult moments, but in her situation, the vengeance of the Avengers does not end, and it is not about the forces that appear in the plot. The bigger problem is to grow up in a special culture, beliefs and traditions that not only distinguish him and build an invisible wall among most of his peers, but also conflict with those who love Kamala.

Because the parents who are trying to alleviate the situation, especially the guardians of Munib’s (Zenobia Schroff, “Issue”), who does not oppose, and a little father Yusif (Mohan Kapoor, “Hostages”), are, of course, guardians. Pakistan sees its customs and traditions as the daughter of a clearly defined path. You won’t guess, but this film doesn’t have independent superheroes in tight suits, but it’s full of responsible decisions that think about the future and the stabilization of life. The story of the dreams and independence of the younger generation colliding with the feet of the older generation and growing up as painted.

Mrs. Marvel – Grows in Marvel style

The authors of “Mrs. Marvel” (the directors of the first episode are the duo of Belgian filmmakers of Moroccan origin, Adil and Bilall), but they are quite careful among the genres, they remake them in such a way that we forget about it. we’ve all seen them in another publication. Kamala’s “rebellion” is unusual in that it takes the form of a forbidden speech. a party full of alcohol and drugs AvengerCon is dedicated to superheroes.

Ms. Marvel reviews are worth looking at

“Mrs. Marvel” (Photo: Disney +)

The convention, in which the protagonist spends months preparing his Captain Marvel costume for a cosplay contest, certainly sounds like a fan’s dream and is not entirely dangerous. But here it becomes the main event. An unrealistic fantasy that distracts Kamala from important things like his values, his family, or his own, is a story now written that adults are not naughty at all. Moreover, they are even looking for compromise solutions without putting the issue on the edge of the knife. Thanks to this approach and the development of individual characters beyond stereotypes, it is very gratifying to watch this story.

Especially because Kamala khanum perfectly fits into the plot, reviving her thoughts and dreams. On the screen, they sometimes take the form of animated elements that stand out from the rest (like the original story of Captain Marvel), sometimes accompanying the protagonist and combined with the background of the series. Graffiti depicting Kamala’s words on the wall is a small work of art, and I’m just giving an example – one of Disney’s greatest advantages is its free-flowing imagination with its colorful and vibrant performance. + production.

Mrs. Marvel – will there be a new Marvel star?

The accompanying problems can easily be seen in the premiere episode when they finally start moving in the direction of the inevitable superhero. A series about a teenager, even the Avengers, which is crazy and full of their presence, is not enough to be placed on the big screen next to the real Captain Marvel. You need superpowers, even if they fit in a sheepskin like a flower here.

Mrs. Marvel premiere review

“Mrs. Marvel” (Photo: Disney +)

You have to determine the so-called return of “Mrs. Marvel” and thus determine the route for the rest of the season (the whole will consist of six episodes). Apparently, the creator is trying to somehow close everything, changing the protagonist’s comic book generation (initially, he owed his powers to the Inhuman connection) in a more relevant way to the story, but it still can’t be denied. quite average. In a sense, it’s a self-contained trap – a very good “regular” part of the show shows everything else, albeit not overly, painfully standard.

Of course, this is just the beginning, so we have to stop the applications, but it is difficult to shake the idea that the established Marvelian trail is more of a burden for the hero than an asset. It is a pity that we could not change it, because with all the rest, and especially with the energetic, lively and reliable Iman Vellani in the lead role, the creators hit the jackpot. There is still much to discover (I look forward to seeing how Kamala’s Islamic faith is resolved) and I hope Mrs. Marvel will not take the easy way out. After all, the potential is great not only to save the world.

Polish premiere of the lady series. Marvel at Disney + on June 14th

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