LN volleyball players – Vołosz: I returned to another national team

Volleyball player Joanna Wołosz returned to the national team after a break of about two and a half years. He admits that he makes new friends and connects with coach Stefan Lavarini, who has repeatedly competed in the Italian league.

In January 2020, the Netherlands closed a chapter in its national team career with a dramatic defeat (2: 3) to Turkey in the semi-finals of the Olympic qualifying tournament in Apeldoorn Wallach. It has been almost two and a half years since the Imoco Volley Conegliano volleyball player wore the national uniform. He won the League of Nations against South Korea (3: 0).

“I did not pay attention to the fact that this is my first game after the break, I have not been in this team for so long. I just focused on presenting myself in the best way, well + enter + it. The group,” the volleyball player told PAP.

And this group, according to the player, has changed a lot in recent years. This does not include, at least temporarily, volleyball players Malvina Smarzek and Magdalena Stysiak, who founded the national team. As Wołosz added, this is a new team for him.

“I haven’t played with most of the girls on the squad yet. There are the same midfielders, the libero Marysia Stenzel and the party Martyna Lukasik. On the other hand, Olivia Rosański has already been called up. But she didn’t spend much time on the pitch. The girls,” he said.

On the other hand, the new head coach Stefano Lavarini is no stranger to him, because he spent seven years on the courts of Serie A, on the other hand, did not have the opportunity to work with him.

“Of course, I knew coach Lavarini very well, but from the other side of the network. That’s why we always know each other. There are no language barriers, because we can speak two languages. The important thing is to quickly build mutual trust and work together. + is to try to get the best out of this mission. I have a very positive opinion about working together for these two weeks, “he said.

According to him, the white-red coach pays a lot of attention to details and tries to give moral support to the players, giving them confidence.

“In order to play at the highest level, you have to do these details, the simplest things, blindfolded. In addition, he tries to work hard individually, both during training and during breaks. In the match. In this way, to increase self-confidence. “Girls shouldn’t be afraid to show what they’re really capable of. Besides, you can observe a lot of the exercises themselves. This has never happened before. Two consecutive exercises were the same.”

Wołosz does not hide that after the tiring season, which ended with the final of the Champions League on May 22 (Imoko VakifBank lost to Istanbul 1: 3), he did not even have the opportunity to take a short vacation.

“Actually, I had time to rest … 24 hours. After the Champions League final, I was in Italy for two days in a row, meeting with my club duties – sponsors and fans. Then I returned to Poland, only I had a day for myself on Thursday. “I agreed with coach Lavarini that it would be better to look at the team through a + square + prism and at the same time relax a bit,” he explained.

As of Tuesday, the Polish women are in Daejeon, Korea, preparing for the next tournament in the Philippines. Vołosz does not hide that the team is just getting used to the Asian time zone.

“Traveling to Canada and just switching to local time isn’t a big deal for us, but now we’re both broken and a little tired. Sometimes it’s hard, but now it’s a good idea to be in Korea and adapt to Next. we can only focus on playing well and not think we slept badly at night, “he said.

In Quezon City, Philippines, the white-red team will play undefeated Japan, as well as the United States, Thailand and Belgium.

“We will have a very difficult tournament in the United States. We will play against very strong teams, even Thailand performed well in the first matches. We will finish the tournament with Belgium and look for it. Here, too, we will win,” Volosz concluded. (PAP)

author: Marcin Pawlicki

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