Karol Klementowski appeared in the film “Duży Dzieciach”. Today he is an adult. What is he doing?

After the first speech “Older children” Nine-year-old outspoken Karol Klementowski from the village of Chvalim in Lubuskie has become a favorite of television viewers. The boy knew more about current politics than the host Wojciech Mann.

“I do not like what is happening in Polish politics. It is wrong, but it will change I will be the Prime Minister or the Speaker of the Seimas“- And that was enough for TVP viewers to love him.

Carol’s grandmother persuaded Caroly to participate in the casting of “Big Children”. He was one of two hundred children who applied to the program the day his parents took him to Warsaw for questioning. He just chose her.

“We were told that he had tendencies. Then a week later he received a phone call to come to the recordings,” Elbieta Klementowska, the child’s mother, told Gazeta Lubuska.

Carol was to appear in only two episodes of “Duży Dzieci”, but only after writing the first he was invited to attend a quarter more, and then a few more. For each performance, he was rewarded in the form one hundred zlotys banknote. The TV also paid for the parents’ travel to the capital and hotel accommodation.

Nine-year-old Karol Klementowski became famous almost overnight he … became a television personality. He liked the writing very much, but he did not like the frequent interruptions of his statements. then removed from the program his confessionhe is the most liked of all Polish politicians Vłodzimierz Cimoszewiczhe even wanted to give up the adventure of his life, which he called his “romance” with TVP … His classmates persuaded him to stay in the “Big Children”.

Charles became interested in politics when he was in the first grade of elementary school. His parents then took him to the polls and allowed him to throw his ballot papers in a white and red box in the middle of the polling station. The boy then came up with the idea of ​​forming his own party. He called it … Self-defense.

“The idea was that my classmates and I wanted to protect ourselves from other children so that they would not enter our room during the break,” he told Przyjaciółki.

The child regularly looked at the Wiadomości., Knew perfectly well who was who in Polish politics, and had to stand in front of the Sejm for at least a moment while in Warsaw. He even once received an autograph from Donald Tusk!

“Security did not want to see him, but he allowed him to come,” he told Gazeta Lubuska.

From an early age, Carol declared that she wanted to dedicate her life to politics or … the railways, which was her great passion. Today he is twenty-six years old and is still interested in both of these fields.

Karol Klementovsky had a chance to build a career in show business. After appearing in “Duży Dzieciach”, she was offered the role of Voytek in the series “Clan” (she refused), co-starred with Anna Popek in “Fairy Tale” (she appeared) and appeared in several commercials and television programs., but his parents did not agree to be a star. First of all, Elbieta and Andrzej Klementowski wanted to give their son a peaceful, carefree childhood. “Big Boys” was just an episode that the boy would remember years later as an entertaining adventure.

Carol still lives in Chvalim. The information on his Facebook wall shows this He is single, loves cats, and recently defended his master’s dissertation at the Faculty of Law and Management at Shechin University. During his studies, he published several columns on the political blog of Salon24. A year ago, he applied for a job as a specialist in the organization, personnel and archives department at the District Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Wolstein, but he was not proud of whether he won on social media.

Do you remember him from “Big Boys”?

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