Inside the twisted world of the millionaire mega-church priest “Apostle”, who flew in a plane preparing girls for sex.

The priest MEGAKOŚCI, who enjoyed the billionaire’s luxurious lifestyle, was found guilty of cheating and raping young girls.

Known as an apostle by five million viewers, Naason Joaquin García pleaded guilty to assaulting three minor victims who said they were sex slaves.


A 53-year-old Mexican priest has been sentenced to 16 years and eight months in prison after reaching a last-minute agreement with Los Angeles prosecutors.

Angry victims accused officials of “negotiating with this rapist” after evading trial and potential life imprisonment.

The decision was made after five hours of emotional speeches by five young women, who called Garcia a “monster”, “disgusting human waste” and “antichrist”.

One of them, Jane Doe 4, who is also Garcia’s niece, told the judge: “I adored my torturer.

Father and son of the mega church leader
A Megacurch volunteer insulted children, including a 3-year-old boy, in the church bathroom.

He refused to look at the prey victims in orange prison suits as he spoke, and said nothing in handcuffs.

Although Judge Ronald Cohen said his hands were tied to the agreement, he reassured the mourning victims: “The world has heard you. I promise you that. “

He added: “I never stop wondering what people do in the name of religion and how much life is destroyed in the image of a higher being.”

Presenting himself as God’s apostle on earth, Garcia is the head of La Luz del Mundo, a mega-church in California with a population of 5 million people in 50 countries, mostly Spanish-speaking.

He received his authority from his father, Samuel Joaquin Flores, who declared himself Apostle 50 years before his death in 2014.

Flores herself has been accused of sexual exploitation for decades, but has never been accused in Mexico, where the best politicians are members of a powerful Church.

Founded in 1926 by García’s grandfather, Aaron Joaquín, he claimed to have received an image from God and called his group “the light of the world.”

The church declares fundamentalist Christianity and imposes severe restrictions on women who are forced to wear veils and obey their husbands.

In the last century, the family built its own Vatican Church – a huge mini-city with a tall temple in the center on the outskirts of Guadalajara.

They also built a number of other temples around the world decorated with huge busts of the Joaquin family.

Meanwhile, they became extremely rich, enjoying a luxurious lifestyle funded by donations and the free labor of believers.

“God’s gift”

A woman who sued the United States for sexual exploitation said she gave the church 30,000 hours of unpaid work.

Sochil Martin, now 35, said he had been cared for and abused since he was nine, saying it was a “gift from God.”

Other alleged victims, Flores and García, were reported by their parents to consider the rape a “blessing.”

His crash happened in 2019 when he was arrested after getting off a private plane at Los Angeles airport.

He is accused of child rape and human trafficking against brainwashed and abused girls in California.

Disgusting videos on confiscated phones and iPads are said to depict sexual intercourse with children and even incest between family members.

García denied all wrongdoing, but agreed last week after his partner, Alondra Ocampo, agreed to testify against him.

Prosecutors say Los Angeles-based Ocampo has spent years preparing victims of Garcia’s violence.

Her lawyer said she was raped by García’s father for many years and later agreed to work for sex slaves.

He compared her to Ghislaine Maxwell, the heir to the society that traded girls for Jeffrey Epstein’s wolf millionaire.

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Despite admitting his guilt, La Luz del Mundo praised Garcia’s “honesty”, behavior and work last night.

The statement said the evidence was fabricated and that he accepted the agreement only as “the best way to protect the church and his family.”

Naason Joaquin Garcia brainwashed by followers


La Luz del Mundo is located in the Vatican-style mini-city of Guadalajara


García agreed on the eve of the LA trial


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