How much does it earn in this network?

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  • Date: 09-06-2022, 10:16

The owners can’t find people to work with. Why? They simply say that the total amount of 24-25 PLN per hour is the maximum amount they can pay. Kaabka’s head office helps to find employees, but you have to pay a little more for one employee – up to 30 PLN per hour.

How much can you earn in Żabka? Gross 24-25 PLN per hour is maximum – accept the owners of the stores we are talking about. photo: press materials

Kaabka is one of the most visited shops in Poland. The chain slump was due to a Sunday trade ban, especially for many stores, rather than stores run by their owners. And Żabka dominates this segment – franchise and SME.

Sahibabki owners are looking for workers

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However, while owners may finally be able to enjoy improved franchise conditions, hiring new employees remains a major challenge. Although Jabka’s headquarters have been provided with this work, it turns out that the franchisee is still in a difficult situation.

I visited 6 stores of the chain in Warsaw. It turned out that each of them does not have enough people to work. The shops were located in the center of Warsaw, in Bielany and Vola. I heard from a friendly store owner that it is really difficult to find an employee now. He recently “sat” there as a store owner from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., as he fired one employee, the other left, and was left alone. Unscrupulous employees are also a problem.

– I have been looking for an employee for 6 weeks. They came, but after 1-2-3 days they refused. I was still looking for an employee and I could pick him up from the headquarters, but the last person asked for 30 PLN for working hours. That’s a little too much for me, says the owner.

What does it look like to work at Żabka?

Other store owners have similar employment problems. – We are looking for a person to work for 3 months. The frog? It helps. But such a completely new person should not be left alone at the checkout or in the store. Then we have to have 2-3 employees and pay them for their work, and that doesn’t make sense, says the owner of another shoe store in Wola.

– People who come to work do not understand that working in a store is not just about standing at the checkout. You often have to carry some goods, unpack, and prepare Glovo orders. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Unfortunately, today it is rare to find people who just want to work – says the owner of a shoe store in Bielany, Warsaw.

– For a long time we were looking for a friend, not a friend, because men rarely want to work hard and do not like this form of work – says the owner of three kaabka stores in Warsaw. – Finally, we found the right person. It turned out that he fed his friends with the supplies of our store, and finally wrote an SMS from work and threw the keys to the store in a nearby flower bed … – says the manager of 3 shops.

How much can you earn in Żabka?

According to the latest data from the Polish Central Statistics Office, unemployment in Poland is around 3 percent. Given that most people registered with employment offices do so in order to be insured, it is safe to say that you have to make a real effort to avoid unemployment in Poland today.

What is even more surprising is the number of advertisements hanging on store doors. Why can’t the owners find someone to work for? They simply say that the total amount of 24-25 PLN per hour is the maximum amount they can pay. Kaabka’s head office helps to find employees, but you have to pay a little more for one employee there – even up to 30 PLN per hour.

– In any case, they are usually inexperienced workers, and the agency receives a commission that can be paid to a good employee with a hill, and would be pleased – says one of the owners of Żabka stores.

How does kaabka’s head office help with employment?

What is the situation with the recruitment of employees in the country? Can the network headquarters help you find the right person? How much is it? I asked the chain of command about this.

The network noted that franchisees can use a number of tools offered by the network to support them in their daily work. However, as independent entrepreneurs, they decide for themselves the choice and use of these solutions.

Our network allows entrepreneurs to place job ads for free on the “Praca za Rogiem” platform, which allows them to find suitable candidates in the area and on our website In this case, the franchisee decides on the form of employment and the hourly rate.

Buradaabka “Here and now”

The network shows that franchisees can also benefit from the “Here and Now” program.

Employment agencies cooperating with kaabka appoint additional people to support institutions that provide information on such periodic needs, for example, in connection with larger supplies or holidays. Franchisees do not contract with temporary employees and only pay the agency directly for the hours they work. The tariffs offered to employees by the agency reflect market trends and vary depending on the economic situation. Whether the franchisee decides to use this form of support depends on his personal decision.

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