How do you know when the storm will come? Pay attention to these signals

  • In many cases, you know that there will be a storm. You do not need any equipment or expert knowledge for this
  • We predict the appearance of the storm based on factors such as the appearance of clouds, the color of the sky, temperature and wind.

It is worth noting that we can most likely predict the future of the storm. It is enough to pay attention to a few signs.

You may remember that your grandmother in the village said that it would be a storm when she left home or looked out of the window. And soon there was a torrential downpour with lightning. How did he know that? He was probably watching what was happening outside. As you can see, the storm is not unexpected.

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Thunderstorms occur most often in the spring and summer months at noon and in the evening, but can occur at any time of the year and at any time.

Do you know the saying about silence before the storm? Suddenly there is a strange calm, the wind stops, the sounds of nature disappear. This is one of the heralds of the coming storm. Like a characteristic smell before rain. The rain hasn’t started yet, but you can smell the air. Before the storm begins, the air is compressed and the sky darkens.

Often, but not always, storms are heralded by a phenomenon called storm rampart (aka arcus or shelf cloud). It looks magnificent in the sky and is easy to recognize.

The storm shaft is usually preceded by a very strong wind burst, hence the name “squall”. A storm is a sudden increase in wind speed. Then there are heavy rains, often hail, and lightning.

There are still a few less obvious signals to predict impending weather disturbances. According to, the rise and expansion of Cumulus-type clouds should worry us. They show perfect air, but are scary when they turn into Cumulonimbus. These clouds are typical for storms.

Cumulonimbus storm cloudsClouds Cumulonimbus – Pavel Rumlena / Shutterstock

If the surface of the cloud flattens to form an anvil, the storm will begin.

Often the last warning signal for a storm is a cloud cover. Its appearance means that tornadoes are also likely to occur.

The ceiling is cloudyCeiling Cloud – David Schliepp / Shutterstock

It should be noted that the clouds that signal the expected storm are not always black. They can also get shades of purple, yellow and green.

Another warning sign is lightning. It often occurs during the development of the storm, even before the onset of rain. There is no thunder because of the distance. You only see the flashes, but you should ignore them. This means that the storm is coming.

If you have a barometer, pay attention to changes in atmospheric pressure – they also indicate storms.

Swallows are said to have flown down before the storm. And this is true. Why does this happen? As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, one of the heralds of rain is the increase in humidity. Such conditions make it difficult for insects to rise into the air, and they fly slightly above the ground. The swallows that hunt them must also stay down.

Spiders, ants and bees are hiding from the storm, so if you don’t see them, it’s a sign that a heavy downpour is coming soon. The upcoming storm will also affect dogs with more intense feelings. They hear lightning long before us, so they can be worried and hide. It is important to know that an approaching storm can also cause radio wave interference.

The storm is very frightening for many people, even if they are indoors. This is not unreasonable, because the power of the element is really strong. Fortunately, home is usually a safe place – provided you follow a few rules.

Before the storm starts, remove all items that will be blown away or damaged by the wind from the balcony and window sills. Those that cannot be removed must be properly closed to prevent them from collapsing.

Close windows and doors during storms so that drafts do not damage them. As a precaution, it is best to unplug all electrical appliances, such as a refrigerator, if they do not need to be operated.

Keep in mind that power outages often occur during storms. It is better to be ready for it and have a flashlight and a powerbank. This will allow us to wait for the storm in a comfortable environment.


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