For the first time in the Miss Contest and immediately hit the bull’s eye! The success of Claudia Mendyka from Yaroslavl

Beata Terczyńska

Claudia Mendyka from Yaroslavl took part in the Miss Polonia 2022 elections and entered the contest in the top ten. – I was surprised. This is a great success for me!

“Honestly?” It was a very spontaneous decision – so when asked what motivated her to run in Miss Polonia 2022, a 24-year-old woman from Yaroslavl answered an architectural student at the University of Silesia Technology, who had previously graduated from the University of Krakow. Technology.

– As a child, I remember sitting with my mother and watching beauty contests. Later, I became interested in modeling. This year I decided to try myself in the Miss election and sent my application. Half a year passed, in fact, I forgot, and then suddenly the answer came that the casting has just begun and I’m still interested in participating in the competition?

The casting was online, and so was the quarterfinals, because it was still a jovid time. The semi-final was held in Warsaw, and the final was held in Vloslavek with 20 candidates for the crown of the most prestigious beauty contest in Poland. Previously, 10 days of training, sometimes 9 hours a day, intensive study of choreography, walking in high heels, stage performance and presentation.

– I have not had any problems here because I have been wearing high heels for a long time. The only thing was that my legs ached a lot after daily training from morning to evening. So far I haven’t passed – Claudia laughs. – We did not feel any stage fear or competition at that time. We all worked very well together. The atmosphere was warm and friendly. In fact, we felt a little like a camp or a colony.

He has more appetite

The day before the castle, emotions and stress arose when I saw the rehearsal of the dress, the stage, the flashing of traffic lights.

– On the final day of the first performance, my legs were shaking like jelly. Fortunately, he did not appear on television. Then the stress is gone – says the finalist of the competition.

There were seven performances. – Only one third of the final twenty took part. First in Jenny Lou cocktail dresses, then in Gabbiano beach suits, and finally in sportswear from Gym Glamor – Claudia lists. – There were three options in the final ten: wedding dresses designed by Monica Yankovskaya, Lav Mag casual dresses and PINA and LOVET cocktail dresses.

He replies that the girls from the five selected took the stage in evening dresses designed by Alette by Ewelina Dec (Rzeszówdan!).

Were you satisfied with the final “10”, but did you have more appetite?

– I was very happy! And I was surprised to come here. Considering that this was my first such competition. I was one of the few girls who had no experience in this matter.

He admits that he has gained more appetite and intends to try his luck in such competitions. But he has not yet announced which one.

Was there a live applause on the site? – Parents with my brother and girlfriend. They shouted so much that even the hosts heard and said that I have a lot of support – he laughs at the memory.

Claudia admits that she keeps in touch with a modeling agency, but only for a short time. How did this adventure begin?

– When I was 16, my father and I went to the casting of the “Appearance of the Year” contest. I was very young and it didn’t work out, but a scout from a modeling agency saw me in this casting. We have been cooperating for 2 years. I even went to Shanghai, China on a two-month contract. I remember it very well. In particular, I was able to get to know the local life not only from the tourist point of view.

In China, he mostly walked on the podiums. – I am tall enough and have a perfect body for the runways. I fit everything. Although wedding dresses were the most popular, it was a different fashion.

When he returned to Poland, he was about to write a high school diploma. – Unfortunately, we could not agree with the agency on this issue and left. I wanted to pass the exams and go to college, but the agency stood firm: either, or. At that time, I was very disappointed in modeling. For a long time. Unfortunately, this was the case now, but I lost my temper over these events.

In addition, Claudia was convinced that she was not a commercial beauty and did not fit into the Polish fashion world. – It was quite unpleasant for a 17-year-old teenager. While I was studying, I started to get a job. Now the Miss Polonia election has shown that I have a commercial beauty and that I fit.

Sports Miss Polonia

Claudia returned from the election. She won the title of Miss Polonia’s most athletic girl in Sport 2022, although she is not a professional in any sport today. These elections took place a week before the training camp.

“I think the competition is being built,” he said. – There was swimming, and I have been swimming for a long time. So I thought I could win. Many girls are discouraged from swimming, because you have to wet your head with a hairstyle, make-up will fade … The choice of this competition surprised me.

This is not the end. Later, there was a plank in the room, popularly known as a plank, that is, supports in the front arms.

“I didn’t expect to endure so much,” he admits. – In general, I do not do much sports. I go to the gym, but I’m more excited. In the meantime, I took 4 minutes 28 seconds! Too long. Normally, I would stop for just a minute while jogging in the gym. So during the competition, it was not really a physical problem, it was just constipation. I have a temperament that I do not let go. Although I couldn’t handle it because I saw that there was only one girl next to me, I said to myself: you can do it, you just have to win. And it worked.

Where does the designer want to look?

– I had such a dream, but it will not come true. I’ve always wanted to go to the Victoria’s Secret show, but I don’t do shows anymore. So, to be more realistic, I would like to work not with a specific designer, but with a choreographer – Kasia Sokołowska. So far, I haven’t had a chance to show any shows, and it would definitely be a great experience. Indeed, much depends on a good choreographer at fashion shows.

Fashion is intertwined with his passion for architecture. While preparing his dissertation, he designed the so-called Fashion Incubator – a place to create fashion and shows. In Krakow, ul. Chicken houses, in the city center.

– This incubator, as it were, combines three projects, because it focused on urban planning, revitalization of the existing facility and the construction of a new one. This is a place to help young people who want to create and design fashion. I have included both the workshop areas and the design and even the living room. If someone rents a room, they can work late and stay up late so as not to waste time returning home to the design in the morning. The venue was not chosen by chance, because the Academy of Arts is located nearby, he said.

He adds that this place is mainly to support our creators, who produce not only the slow fashion model, ie the mass market, but also smaller, more expensive, but also better quality clothes. The second hand is also part of this trend.

Another of Claudia’s passions is animal behavior. – As a child, I thought I would be a veterinarian. But I am afraid of blood and I could not cure the animals. As for behavior, I plan to take a course someday. Maybe I’ll find time after school. I have a hand for animals. I taught my cat all the “suggestions”: sit, claw, lie down, and so on. He can even use the toilet, so there is no trash can. He has leprosy, but from a Swedish father. Black and white, hence the name Panda. I also have a dog named Gold in my family. I also taught him a lot: both to roll and to walk between his legs. My parents laugh that I have to go to performances with him.

Claudia loves to travel. He wants to travel the world. Favorite direction? Undoubtedly, Asia and Spain.

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