Cheap 5G internet is not an oxymoron. Fast internet will be useful everywhere

Fast, wireless internet is the dream of everyone who uses the Internet a lot, whether it’s surfing social networks, playing games or watching movies. Fortunately, this is a dream come true at your fingertips, because the ability to use the fastest mobile internet in 5G technology is not expensive. You can have 5 PLN for 25 PLNs and use it anywhere – at home, in the company and wherever it is available.

It is impossible to imagine the world without the Internet. Today we not only use it often, but also connect to it without interruption. Our demands against him are growing. Not surprisingly, the 5G network is becoming increasingly popular. Initially, 5G was an interest for a small number of residents of the largest cities. Currently, Plus has more than 19 million people. This means that almost half of Polish residents can use the Internet on a mobile phone, laptop or tablet with a speed of 600 Mbps.

Cheap 5G internet is no longer oxymoron

And Poles are increasingly using 5G. All this is due to the fact that Internet prices on Plus are inflation-resistant and affordable. Today, 5G Internet can be purchased on this network for 25 PLN per month. Suffice it to say that in addition to the Internet, we also choose another phone subscription or Internet for a minimum of 44.90 PLN, and then the price of the fastest 5G internet in Poland will be reduced to PLN 25. This is an ideal solution for those who need fast access to the network at home and away from the camera.

Prices are also affordable only for those who want to buy 5G internet. The 30 GB internet packages to be used here start from 30 PLN per month. Does anyone need more information? No problem, for 120 GB we will pay 50 PLN per month, and for 100 PLN we will get 500 GB, which will be enough for several family members or company employees who will use a router that supports 5G.

Therefore, the offer is flexible and everyone chooses the information package they need. In addition, everyone will get one month free to start work, and 3 months if you change your ISP to Plus. For those who are undecided, Plus has developed an interesting offer. When choosing an internet offer with a router, we can test 5G for only 9 PLN in 15 days, and if we are not sure, just refuse.

Such fast 5G internet is an excellent solution for those who use network resources in very different ways. This will work when you want to play a game online or watch a movie on good quality websites at home, where fast and good communication is important. But thanks to mobility, you can always take the Internet with you, for example, when we want to work away from home or when we travel to another city. Having a lot of gigabytes in a package will mean that you will not have to constantly look at whether the Internet is exhausted or not. The very low prices achieved with data packages today mean that even if the Internet starts to run out, you can still purchase such access at any time and continue to use the fastest 5G internet in Poland. Plus networking.

Plus 5G Internet

Plus, 5G Internet is also worth a visit

Also, people who have companies may be interested in the opportunities offered by the 5G network. For entrepreneurs, low prices starting from 25 PLN under the smartFIRMA program (it is enough to have a minimum of 39 PLN net phone subscriptions per month) make it easy to provide the high-speed internet that is currently needed in your office. for efficient work. Especially today, at a time when every tax return must be submitted electronically and the most important information is sent directly to the clouds.

Of course, depending on how much internet you need, every entrepreneur can choose the package he needs the most. For people who already have a phone subscription using the presentation, this is, for example, the Internet for a company that will use up to 600 GB per month, costing only 75 PLN per month. Often, this is not only faster than a fixed internet connection, but also a cheaper solution.

An entrepreneur can provide high-speed internet both to his employees or to himself with a router, or by choosing an offer with a laptop or tablet. Then all such expenses can be deducted as taxable expenses because they relate to the business activity.

The article was prepared in collaboration with the Plus network

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