2022 spring-summer collection of Maar jewelry brand

Photo by Miłka Świtalska

The Maar collection for spring-summer 2022 is about periodic changes. Agata Wojtczak and Anthony Bielawski replicate, process and develop old projects. Night turns into day, and the frantic girl suddenly calms down. Jewelry changes with it.

– Our new collection consists of two parts: night and day – says Agata Wojtczak, co-founder and designer of Maar. This season, he was inspired by the rising sun, its energy and colors. Around the symbolic moment when the night was filled with morning pastels, he created the story of a girl with two faces. In the evenings, he is aggressive and rebellious, wearing a ramones jacket and thick-heeled shoes. In the morning, she lowers her hair and wears an elegant, romantic dress. It is ethereal and elegant. These two moods can be seen in the designs for the new season. – We wanted this season to be colorful, confusing and inconsistent. We love to mix – the designer adds. It was difficult to show this confusion in the photos that the brand taught us. The juicy fruity landscape was replaced by space balls made of glass and metal, and the white walls of the studio were replaced by landscapes and large-format collages created specifically for this occasion by Agata.

The team had only eight minutes to open fire at sunrise. The clouds in the photos are a memento of the night, the colors match the colors of the stones used in the designs. – We frame them with delicate, irregular paws. The fixture remains visible, but also leaves room for stones. Each of them is a little different, each should be framed differently. This is a complicated matter – explains Anthony, who developed all the prototypes himself and constantly improves them.

For the first time, stone earrings of this scale appear in Maar’s work. The topaz short model is also great for boys, let Antoni’s ear prove it here. The second model is two large stones on a stick. It has a bluish-blue version with blue topaz and greenish-blue quartz and looks like soft sparkling water. The second option is a combination of topaz and carnelian. It combines water with the orange of the rising sun.

What you may not see in the campaign, but can find on the website, are pearls and stones in obscure color combinations such as coral and heather angelite. Another bonus is the crazy necklace inspired by Harry Styles’ favorite model made of giant jade beads painted in strong shades of pink. Crowned with original brand cover. – This is such a blink of an eye for our color-hungry customers – Agata is joking. There is also a much thinner ankle bracelet made of stone beads and a ring with a pink topaz. – Although it looks like an eye to some, it is abstract to me. I like to combine it with the Miranda model from the previous collection or wear it in a duet with the same, one is gold, the other is silver. Says Agata.

Maar Spring-Summer 2022: From Evening to Morning

The mixture of these two metals has already entered the DNA of the young brand and manifests itself strongly in the “night” line, heavier and more punk. – We have large round earrings with small piercings, we already have the motive. This is a powerful bracelet inspired by the Orno Cooperative project we once found in Koło. Agata explains. Unlike the original, it is open and ends with a small ball, which is typical for the brand.

The ball motif is repeated on the bracelet. – We usually say “ball and chain”, it looks great with black sandals – Agata laughs. Balls of two sizes and colors are also hung on the earrings rings. – They can be removed, relocated – explains. Silver and gold are also associated with the longest and most massive necklace ever. – During the first photo session, I hung Ce’s earrings on a silver chain. Customers asked us about this model, so we decided to create something similar Says Agata. They replaced the chain with a thicker chain and the earrings with a circular pendant with details of the original.

Some of the models in the collection, including abstract pendants, earrings and little finger rings, are made by granulation. – To create a prototype, I first made silver balls, then placed them in plasticine, poured plaster and soldered them on this plaster. – Reveals Anthony. – You can treat these forms like a bubble, you can see a wave in them, but it is just an abstraction, it does not reflect anything concrete. In previous seasons we have w Maar papaya, a plate of oranges, seaweed – we want to get away from it to keep the balance in this collection. – Adds agate.

For the first time, the brand offers premium 14 carat gold jewelry. The creators also used granulation and abstract forms. The capsule consists of four small-studded earrings, which will be sold separately, and a necklace with the same motif, inspired by paintings by Kandinsky and Miro. They look a bit like the images that appear under the eyelids. The gold series is tied with an opal ring. – This stone has the ability to absorb water. It then becomes transparent from milky and iridescent colors – Anthony explains. Thanks to this great feature, the brand promises to be a signature model. Bestsellers from this summer can also be ordered in gold on request.

And soon – new. The brand is planning a line of wedding jewelry and maybe something special for the second birthday, which is already in the summer. Another photo shoot will take place soon, this time the jewelry will pose spontaneously in the cosmic scenery. Soon, Maar’s designs will appear in more stationary boutiques. The first (after Warsaw and Wroclaw) will be able to measure Krakow. The season for fashion and design fairs is starting and you will meet Agatha and Anthony here this season.

Photos by Miłka Świtalska
Model Zuzanna Mazurek
Makeup and hair Kamila Jankowska
Styling and set design Agata Wojtczak
Video alexandr ryjov

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