Wiktoria Zmuda-Trzebiatowska chose a tractor instead of a theater

A girl with many passions

Wiktoria Żmuda-Trzebiatowska lives in Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, in the hands of their parents. Agriculture has been a tradition in his family for generations. When asked what she wanted to be when she was a little girl, Victoria no doubt answered: farmer! But over time, he discovered his new passions, and this forced him to step aside.

– Plans have changed in high school. I loved acting, I wanted to live in Warsaw. I took part in reading competitions. I was winning. In high school, by contrast, the biggest passion – apart from acting – was German, he said in an interview with Victoria Interia.

Activity on social media has also become one of his hobbies. Since 2019, Victoria has managed the YouTube channel, starting with lifestyle and beauty content. However, as life changes, so does the content it provides on the Internet.

Pandemic revolution

Victoria admits that there was such a moment in her life he believed that farming was a punishment of fate.

– I did not think that it would allow me to develop says the young farmer.

In 2020, everything changed. Wiktoria was already an agricultural student at Varmia and Mazuri University in Olsztyn.but he still questioned the decision of his parents to accept him. He still dreamed of acting. Only the occurrence of the global pandemic and the need to transition to distance education changed a lot in his life.

– Suddenly the lids fell from my eyes. I was seriously interested in agriculture, I valued the village as a place to live. I discovered the happiness I wanted to find in the capital right next to me. It was at your fingertips. While working on the farm, I feel calm and at the same time I have a lot of energy to move and grow. I can’t imagine everyday life in the city. Parents have their own fields, I have my own fields – I grow rap, wheat, triticale, barley on it. In 2020, I became fully engaged in agriculture. For many, it’s the worst, and it changed everything in my life, ”says Victoria.

Victoria’s daily life: fields, pigs, tractors

The farm of Victoria’s parents, in which the girl is increasingly involved, specializes in crop production and pig breeding. They also have birds: chickens, ducks and geese. The young farmer emphasizes this does not have a certain rhythm for the day and takes care of many things on the farm. He gets up in the morning, feeds the pigs, looks after the chicks, rides a tractor when necessary and does field work.

When asked about animal welfare, Victoria makes a clear statement:

In agriculture, animals are used in food production. They are not pets that live with us at home, but there is no reason to insult them. Although there are different farms, farmers are becoming more informed. (…) If someone undertakes to raise animals, he must provide them with a balanced diet, adequate access to drinking water, and a clean nest.. Higher care for them ensures better meat quality.

Young farmers against stereotypes

Like many young farmers, Victoria shares her farm adventures on social media. In addition to the mentioned YouTube channel, he also works on Instagram and TikTok, which are followed by 60,000 people. Nation!

I thought I would show my real life and passion for agriculture. It’s not just my job, it’s to be close to nature, beautiful landscapes, to be in contact with animals and to be a patron of yourself. – Victoria comments.

The young farmer does not hide the fact that he has to face hatred. Internet users accuse him … he doesn’t look like a farmer! Wiktoria publishes photos she dresses well, combs and does makeup.

There is a stereotype in the society that a woman does not have time and care because she works on a farm 24 hours a day. This is not true. I wear my worst clothes when I go to the field, but I will go to the city in clothes. In these two cases, I am still the same person – Victoria says firmly.

Another stereotype he struggles with is faith a woman cannot be a full-fledged farmer.

We need to normalize the fact that a woman gets on a tractor and chooses the right seeds or fertilizers. There are four girls in a group of twelve at the college. Given the specificity of the direction, this is quite a lot – he notes.

What is the most important thing in farming?

According to Victoria, One of the main characteristics that a farmer must demonstrate is responsibility.

Selection of the right seed material, plant protection products, fertilizers, timely sale … I could list for a long time. Everything affects our livelihood, our income, and whether we have something to live for in the coming months. says the young farmer. However, it adds to the stress of farming and drought it is rewarded with the atmosphere of the harvest season. The second thing that calms him is the fields and the plants growing on them.

Victoria does not hide it eagerly uses the help of the government. It is in the first place among them mother. He also learns a lot from lecturers, annual colleagues and the Internet. Despite the apparent commitment and great enthusiasm, he receives questions about why he chose such a profession.

The elders say: – Oh, I’m sorry, you have to go to the city, set working hours, live comfortably. It’s funny, because I think so – Victoria completes the idea.

Zuzanna Ćwiklińska
photo: instagram / Wiktoriazmudatrzebiatowska

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