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To effectively scare away mosquitoes from the balcony or terrace, it is worth growing plants that these insects do not like. The most popular are lavender, catnip, mosquito or mint. These samples emit highly fragrant essential oils that are effective in preventing intruders. They can be planted at home, on the balcony or on the terrace. In the summer we are especially exposed to mosquito bites. This causes unpleasant itching of the skin and local irritation. So you can learn below about the amazing properties of these plants.

Mint is a plant that effectively repels mosquitoes and protects us from unpleasant bites. It is a perennial plant and can grow up to 30 to 40 centimeters in height under natural conditions. In the spring, mint collects small and slightly pink flowers.

Partial shade is needed for proper growth, as the leaves burn when exposed to too much sun. mint the substrate should always be watered regularly to keep it slightly moist. This plant requires humus and a little alkaline soil, it can be planted directly into the soil, as well as in a pot.

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Narrow-leaved lavender is a shrub that grows to a height of about half a meter and prefers sunny places. This plant feels good in a conductive substrate with a high calcium content (pH 6.5 – 7.5). The flowers are collected in spikes and are usually purple or pink, but there are also specimens with white inflorescences. Lavender leaves are silvery gray and narrow, often used for culinary purposes.

This shrub does not require cultivation and tolerates drought well: it is enough to feed it with mineral fertilizers once a year. Lavender can be grown successfully in a home garden or placed in a pot in a sunny spot on a terrace. Its beautiful scent is attractive to bees and humans, but it will effectively repel mosquitoes and even flies from the garden or balcony!

Another of the suggestions is komarzyca, the name of which is closely related to its use. It gives off a very strong odor that keeps mosquitoes away from our home. Plectrantus koleusowaty, as the official name of this plant sounds, is characterized by small and green leaves with creamy edges. Komarzyca is a climbing plant and can be grown both in the bed and in containers on the balcony or terrace. Prefers sunny or semi-shady places and does not require systematic but very abundant irrigation.

If you put the plant on the window, it will prevent mosquitoes from flying into the bedroom in the evening. However, deciding to place it on the terrace or balcony, barbecue evenings and relaxing in the fresh air will become a pure pleasure.

The last suggestion is a plant with an elegant name: catnip. It smelled like pheromones secreted by cats. It attracts small flies that like to interact with the plant. Its scent prevents mosquitoes from effectively sleeping through the eyelids. This is a strong growing variety that forms dense clumps and reaches a height of 30-50 centimeters. The flowers appear in May-September and are blue or purple.

Catnip prefers sunny positions, and its great advantage is that it is accepted in all types of soils. Suitable for growing in both soil and pots and has low maintenance requirements. It is sufficient to water the plant once every few days, usually immediately after planting or transplanting.

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