Swedish vegan manufacturer conquers the Polish Internet. Brand Huj! Will he enter Poland?

  • Author: Adam Tubilewicz
  • Date: June 8, 2022, 12:29

About the Swedish company Huj! Recently, the Polish Internet has become loud. We asked the manufacturer of vegan toothpaste how he perceived the extraordinary interest across the Baltic Sea and whether he was considering entering our market.

hey! is a Swedish startup that produces vegetable substitutes for sandwich spreads. picture: mat. presses.

  • hey! – A small Swedish producer of vegetable breakfast is a viral hit on Polish social media.
  • Is there any truth in the rumors that the company will enter the Polish market with its products?
  • We asked the representative of Huj! for linguistic debates, but also for brand development plans.

hey! Swedish food producer conquers the Polish Internet

About the Swedish company Huj! sometimes and then sounds loud on the Polish internet. The company’s name is ridiculous, and commentators are trying to outdo each other in offering potential advertising slogans for the brand’s products in Poland.

However, the information spread by one of the sites that the company plans to enter the Polish market in the near future turned out to be untrue.

However, we decided to contact the manufacturer of vegetable soups directly and ask questions only on linguistic issues.

Huj !: We are aware of our popularity in Poland

Agnes Sundbom, Marketing Assistant at Huj! In an interview with portalspozywczy.pl, the company says it is aware of its popularity in Poland.

– We love the way people share our products. “Every week, people tell us the meaning of the word ‘attack,’ but fortunately it’s not new to us.”

This is Huj! Will it appear in Poland?

This is Huj! Will it appear in the Polish market? The manufacturer dispels doubts: there is not much chance for it yet.

– Although we are not in the Polish market yet and do not plan to enter Poland at the moment, we hope that our products will be in Poland in the future. We have export plans, but not now, Sundbom adds.

So is the company planning at least a small campaign for Polish fans on social media? The manufacturer’s representative admits that Huj! At present, he focuses mainly on Swedes, but does not rule out anything.

– We hope that in the future we will have international accounts on social media, and in these accounts we will be able to focus on Polish fans. We currently have Swedish social media channels because we are still a small company from Sweden and we need to focus on our target group in Sweden first, Sundbom adds.

hey! about the Polish language and the reception of Polish fans

Huj representative! but it makes the company love its Polish fans and invites them to follow the news from the company’s life on social media.

“If you want to know more about our possible Polish premiere, we assure you that when it happens, we will definitely write about it on our social media,” he added.

Marketing Assistant at Huj! we also … asked about a basic question of a linguistic nature. As Agnes Sundbom tells us, the company is calm and in a good mood.

– When it comes to language differences, we usually say, “If you know the meaning of our name in Polish, you will never forget us.” This is not a big debate for us. We receive a lot of emails, comments and messages from Poles explaining the meaning of our name, but usually they become real fans of the brand. He adds that very few people have negative feelings.

Huj! Will it change its name in the Polish market?

hey! but does not plan to change the name of the products if they enter Poland with the products.

– We are a far-sighted and progressive company. (…) As our name brings us a lot of fans and comments, I do not think we will change it when we enter the Polish market – says a company spokesman.

Where can I get Huj spreads?

Where can you buy Huj products? Unfortunately, the company does not run an online store, so the only solution is to travel to the other side of the Baltic Sea – Sweden, where the spreads are in more than 700 stores, including Coop, ICA and City Gross.

– At present, our products can be purchased only in Swedish grocery stores. You can find them in a vegetarian refrigerator. We promise to inform the Poles when we start selling in Poland, concludes Agnes Sundbom.

How did Huj come into being? History of the Swedish company

hey! Founded in 2016 in Sweden by Alice and Jonas Knap. According to the company’s founder, the idea came from standing in the kitchen of his house in Alingas and sprinkling margarine and salt on the sandwich, which seemed a bit boring. A business idea began to emerge after the market showed that there were no good vegetable substitutes for the spread of sandwiches and did not want to wait for someone else to solve the problem.

After the first tests in 2017, production began in 2018, and the first two sandwich pastes hit the market. At the same time, the company began working on a flagship product: Creamy Cashew – the vegan equivalent of the sandwich cheese, which will be released in 2019. Huj in the following years! Dedicated to expanding distribution across Sweden, as well as introducing additional Kremlin Cashew flavors, as well as creamy chocolate spreads (Kreamy Cashew Choklad).

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